Curvy Kate.


This is my first Curvy Kate review and my first ever piece from Curvy Kate and lets just say I'm in love! The colour and how cute the over all look of the lingerie itself is just to die for. This is the blurb from the site.

"Soft vintage shades are given a colour injection in the latest Tease Me collection. Sweet bows and pretty top cup ribbon compliment the girly summer colours. Fully adjustable straps."They come in sizes 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG, 38 D-G for the Bras and sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 in the thong and shorts.

I'm wearing the bra in a 38DD and the shorts in a size 20 (which you can't see because I didn't want that splashed across the blog!) Now as much as I love this set I do have a minor problem in my opinion the cups are a little small and I'd feel much better in a 38 E just to ensure nothing will fall out! I have worn it a lot though and find it really comfortable to wear and whats even better it stays in place when I often wear a bra it rolls up on my back fat (lovely I know) but with this bra it doesn't at all so theres no unslightly back rolls on show through my tops which is brilliant.

I genuinely love this set, and would reccomend Curvy Kate for anyone who wants a cute but wearable and well fitting lingier set this is where I'd go for it. Next time I try Curvy Kate I'll try a cup size up to see if its much of a difference. You can buy Curvy Kate at a variety of places!
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  1. Witwoo! Beautiful I'll check out Curvey Kate next time I'm after a new bra xxx

  2. I love my curvy kate bra's I want to give the daily boost one a try next looks so comfy :)

    1. yeah i really want to try the daily boost as well! i was tempted to review that but wanted something colourful for my first one!

  3. What a beautiful piece! The candy blue is perfect, so pretty :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. I love that vintage look on underwear. So so pretty.


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