Ombre Again.


Hey guys so I've bleached my hair again and after the positive response on my last post I thought I'd show you the photographic proof of how I got on the second time round. I also included a image of the products I use so you can all get an idea of what I use and how.

I used a similar technique as last time which was sectioning off my hair into small pigtails on either side. I then put the bleach on roughly up to the elastic and covered in foil, after about twenty minutes I cut the elastics out being careful not to cut any of my actual hair and layered more bleach over and put new foils in. This was then probably left for another 30 minutes with more bleach added to create a slightly gradual effect. I have to say it doesn't say to leave it on this long but from my experience last time and youtube videos I've watched it needs a lot longer on your hair than what is stated. I also left it on longer to achieve and lighter shade as last time it was more golden than blonde.

Eventually I'm going to possibly put some turquioise onto the ends because its the one colour I've actually never had! So what do you think? Would you try something like this yourself or is it just something you'd rather leave to the hair dressers?
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  1. oooh looks fab and quite easy. I would still make a mess of it, never done anything to my own hair x

  2. Love the new hair!

  3. this looks amazing! how you keep your hair so silky straight? cause my hair's always frizzy no matter what i do to it.

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