Row B, Victoria Baths.


Finally updating again, sorry I've not been brilliant lately I've been struggling without a tripod or photographer but now for the time being both are back in my life once again. These pictures were taken at Victoria Baths in Manchester I posted about them once before almost a year ago when I visited a vintage fair in one of the rooms. This time round it was Vintage Home wares but I did come back with a rather lovely scarf, which will most likely be in a post sooner or later.

I've stretched the top picture so it's the same width as the others which means its come out slightly fuzzy, I'm still trying to change how I get my pictures but its a work in progress! So I'll tell you what I'm wearing shall I? The Dress is Primark and I own 2 of these and 2 in a stripe as well, they are my all time staple at the moment and I really hope Primark bring it out in black as well then it would be perfect! The scarf was from another Vintage Fair. The leggings are Matalan and the shoes are Evans as always. My bag on the floor by my feet is also a recent charity shop find and I am in love with it, not to big or small with lots of compartments for me to fill with rubbish it's perfect. You may of also noticed that I've had my haircut and its quite a bit shorter than it was and my lovely hairdresser also basically cut all my ombre off (she wasn't overly impressed on the condition due to my home bleaching job and lack of conditioning) and I really miss it! I'm actually very tempted to whack out the hair bleach tomorrow and redo it as I feel so much better with it in.

The title of this post is taken from the second photograph from the bottom because that was the row I was sitting on looking down into the now empty pool. I find all the stain glass windows, tiling and pieces really inspiring for patterns and colour. I also just love sitting here and thinking about all the time that's gone by and the people who used to use it, I can completely imagine a group of girls gossiping about something in one of the stalls during the late fifties, maybe that's just me. In case you can't see the quote which was one the tile its says "It was 1937 that they allowed men to wear trunks, I was pleased to have trunks." - Wilfred Hoyle. The reason I showed you this was because of what my dad said after reading it he basically questioned if they wore anything to swim in before that time and yes that is him and me with out face sticking out of the picture board. I'd like to just state that he knows they did before you think anything!

Tomorrow I'm going to try and be productive and get some pictures done for posts and reviews instead of sitting in all day watching Sex and the City because starting from Tuesday I'm the work experience girl at Simply Be, super excited! I'm there for 2 weeks!
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  1. love your outfit, especially the scarf!
    very cool :)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  2. the scarf looks very chic!

    Check out my blog and if you like, follow me on GFC and Bloglovin. I will follow you back with pleasure, if you like, just leave a link in the comments.

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  3. the whole outfit is lovely but the scarf is my favourite part ! been reading your blog for ages and when i stated my own i thought i was following on gfc but i wasn't sorry i am now though xx

  4. You have a great look! Highly unique and beautiful at the same time. Hope you enjoyed your trip!


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