Ultimate Holiday Hair GHD Style.


This summer I'm staying in this country for my holiday (as I do every year) but I wouldn't have it any other way! So I may not be in 40 degree heat which means I can play around with my hair with styling tools a little longer before I melt from the heat and when I'm away I also like to wear more hair accessories and be a little more adventurous than I probably usually am when I'm just in my hometown. I was told about this competition by Best British Bloggers and as I'm always playing around with my hair in the comfort of my own bedroom I thought I'd go for it!

My holiday hair doesn't take much and you can chop and change steps depending on your hair at that given moment in time. For this I washed my hair and added some texturising spray to my damp hair along with serum which I swear by for my bleached ends and rough dried my hair with a dryer to add some texture and movement through it. After this I built up the shape with curling random pieces with a mixture of straighteners and a curling wand. I love having beachy waves in my hair as gives a more natural volumised look to just backcombing perfectly straight hair.

After waving and texturising my hair I pulled a section from the side of my head across the centre making sure there was volume within the hair by using either dry shampoo or a root lifting solution. I plaited from the middle to behind my ear and secured the hair by crossing over 2 bobby pins and covering my hair in a light mist of hairspray and scrunched to keep the texture then cover in shine spray. Finally I added the 2 butterfly hair pieces to make it fun and add something a little different to a quite traditional style.

The GHD products I would of used for this style:

. Gold Classic Styler
. The Air Hair Dryer
. Final Fix Hairspray
. Shine Spray

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  1. wooow! you look great =)!!

  2. Love the hair, definitely perfect for summer

  3. So so cute! And oh, the things I'd do with ALL THE GHD. :3

  4. Love your hair style.Good hair everyday with GHD.

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