She had flowers in her hair.


Here's a little outfit post with two pieces I bought while in London, I will tell you all about my trip in my next post a long with photos! Just want to quickly say a huge thank you to Evans for inviting me to the event and I truly hope I get invited to more in the future as I feel I got so much out of it.

Anyway on to what I'm wearing the top is from New Looks straight size range and not the inspire section but its a slightly over sized style so it fits pretty well and is just so comfy, I need to buy more of them they will be just perfect for summer. You can style it in so many ways I've worn mine with v-neck jumpers as well as t-shirts over the top, so aspect to see this a lot over the coming months on my blog!

Now I adore this skirt, I've only had it a few days (since London) but I've literally not had it off. It's from h+m and is a size large from there normal range and is just lovely, the fabric, style, shape, just everything. And with the price of £6.99 I'm thinking about picking a few ones in different colours up as there just the type of skirt I like to wear. The cardigan in some of these photographs which I am wearing is just a old one from Dorothy Perkins I actually really could do with another black cardigan like it sometime soon.

My accessories are a mixture of homemade and thrifted. The headband you have seen before from a few posts I did over Easter and I made it myself for a fairy costume but I've actually fallen in love with wearing it. And I have to say I've had a few compliments on how nice it is and people don't think I've made it. The rings I'm wearing in some of these images are actually scarf clips but they also fit my fingers really well. I bought these from one of my favourite charity shops and they were possibly a pound each. I really love the whole look for this outfit and feel it could be a good transition between all the different seasons.

I can't wait to ramble on about London to you all soon! So I hope you look forward to reading my up coming posts!
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  1. What!? £6.99, I love that skirt. Going on the h&m website right now!

  2. That skirt is fabulous, you look gorgeous.


  3. h&m make the MOST comfy clothes.
    lovely colour skirt :D
    love how you've put it together! :)
    Rosie xo

  4. I love this outfit! The gold button detail on the top look gorgeous, I'm in love with your rings too! x

  5. you look adorable in that beautiful blush colored skirt!



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