My little Trip to london.


These are just a few little snaps I took while in London, I wanted to be much more touristy than I ended up being but I'm sure I'll be there again soon so I'll just do that then!
How cool is that huge plug thing on the side of the building, Its actually insane. So obviously I had to get a picture of it to show my dad and brother because they would also think it was cool (super geek family).

The top image is what helped me survive the journey to and from London. Though I think I may of annoyed a women who sat next to me, she soon moved though. It was possibly my One Direction play list on full blast that put her off! the book is called Boy meets Boy and its a really good story, I've read it more than twice so surely that's a good sign? Then of course I had a magazine to get me through it as well as my phone, I got some lovely texts off such as "have you survived the train?" which was really very charming!

Then after a long day of wandering around London and shopping, me and Steph had ice cold Starbucks and they were lovely, actually I could murder one right now and that from just looking at the picture! Tomorrow or Friday I will get my post up all about the Evans event, which if you have me on tumblr or twitter you would of seen that I loved every second of it!
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