Dressing room dilemas.


I did a little changing room picture while out today just because I felt like it really. And as a matter of fact I didn't actually buy either of these items in the end. Both of these pieces are from peacocks who have got 20% student discount off at the moment so its well worth looking at there new stock some of it is just utterly lovely.

The reason behind me trying on the peter pan collared dress was its similar to the extremely popular ones on asos, just at £16 pounds the price tag isn't so bad. I am normally a size 20 on top and size 18 on my bottoms (but it completely varies from shop to shop!) So the majority of the time I buy my dresses in a size 20 to fit my top nicely and smoothly skim over everything else but considering the fabric and style of this and that they only had an 18 in stock at my local peacocks I thought I'd try it and the dress did in fact fit nicely. Though I'm never keen on dresses made out of this stretch fabric because it doesn't always let the skin breath and can be quite clingy even if you do buy the garment in your actual size.

Next are the trousers in the top image on the hanger they looked really nice and a comfortable alternative to proper trousers there a type of fitted sweater pant fabric with lovely pleats on the waistband and surrounding the pockets as well as the peg leg/roll up detail on the bottom. When I put them on I just knew that they looked hideous I think if they just sorted out the joining off each leg out they would be much better. I have a photo of the detailing closer up but the pleats and the fabric have made it look like horrible bunching up on the crotch which obviously nobody wants to walk around with! Though I think the idea of these trousers is great smart but with major comfort but peacocks just need to fit them a little better (possibly on someone of slight plus size to ensure they look better).I have to admit I do tend to window shop in peacocks an awful lot but I don't seem to buy anything much from there (other than the rare pair of shoes or thick tights). There is a pair or peep toe flats in a tan brown colour that actually fit my wide feet which I'm un-subtly lusting over. They will become my summer shoe staple, they have to.

So what do you think of my little review of clothes in store, do you think I should do more regular posts like this? I'd love to know your thoughts.
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  1. I like this idea- I'd love to see more!


  2. i love this idea :)
    love the dress btw !
    -Rosie xo

  3. I Love the top from the first picture - really cute x

  4. Peter Pan collared cuteness! I am just starting to find more cute Peter Pan collars. I just bought one top yesterday from New Look. I couldn't fit into those I see from Topshop and ASOS previously but now I'm beginning to find too many .. and I think Peter Pans are bowing out of the scene but I love them too much to care. They are not a fashion trend for me! I'll wear them anytime.


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