Our Viv.


I need to confess the true reason to why I'm posting this video up and its because Paloma Faith is featured in it. And I've made it no secret to how much I love her.

I promise theres another reason behind this post and this is that I nearly always love Vivienne Westwood collections but recently I think my interest in Westwood has grown thanks to pearl of fashion pearls of wisdom, she often wears Vivienne Westwood and when she writes about the pieces you really admire the work that goes into each piece and the love she has for them. They just seem so much more fun than others maybe that because I'm an eccentric at heart but I don't care. The make up, the hair and most importantly the clothes everything about her A/W collection I found intriguing but isn't that always the way? Shouldn't the collections intrigue you and make you search for hidden detail like Westwood's signature pin badges and my answer to this is yes, yes it should.

For when or if I ever get the chance to put something down the runway or even just stage a fashion show for whichever designer/or clothing brand I'm working for I want people to look into the work and it should be like there's a story to be told by the collection and each separate outfit is a chapter. So it wouldn't just be the models walking up and down, though I enjoy watching these type of shows just as much as the others there something about how Westwood's are staged that bring you in for a closer look. The collection this time was inspired by Britishness and a portabello feel, a lynchpin of Westwood’s style if ever there was one, that characterised the whole collection.

Over all I think the pieces look lovely and the colours in the garments and as the make up were great, I especially loved the almost bird nest hair which was structure like a base to what I envisioned as vine crown I almost thought the hair was "growing" around the crown like a twining plant.
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  1. viv is fabby! and thankyou for the lovely comment sweetie :) and i really want a pair of his socks too, have you checked out tights please? xxxxxx

  2. I LOVE Vivienne.
    Sadly, only the shoes fit me, but they're GORGEOUS.
    Oh, and my glasses are VW, so I wear them daily

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