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Firstly let me apologise for not posting in over a week, which to some people may not seem a long time but to me its light years! Secondly I just wanted to say I'm really happy I've finally reached 70 followers because its just that bit closer to 100! And Thirdly I'm also sorry for the dodgy quality of these photographs, my web cam is playing up even more than normal so hopefully I can talk someone into taking a few outfit pictures for me soon. Fourth and finally I really need a haircut.

I was having a feeling for spring today, though I'm not sure if it comes across in my outfit. I'm also feeling the stress of university interviews and projects to get interviews, but hopefully I'll be okay soon and I promise to blog better and be less erratic. I've spent my day manically finishing pieces of work to send to Leeds college of art and to be quite honest I'm really pleased with what I'd done now it would be really nice if you all crossed your fingers and toes for me getting an interview. I've also finished the blog for my mmu to send to them, then also cross everything that I get an interview with them as well, the blog for mmu consists of photographs of my work lets just hope its good enough!

Now finally on to my what I'm wearing. This shirt is a new purchase but in my defence I had taken something back to Evans before going into Dorothy Perkins and finding this, I saw this in stores before Christmas but I just couldn't face to pay the full price, then it disappeared from the hangers until the beautiful moment on Tuesday where I found it hidden between jumpers. Now I know a few places and online did still have it so its worth checking it out. I have to say it is an over sized pussy bow blouse and this is in my actual size (20) and its pretty baggy I would of preferred to size down once or twice for a more fitted style also its pretty low cut so if your going to wear it without a top under i suggest pinning it but other than that I am very happy with it. My cardigan is also from Dorothy Perkins and was surprise, surprise also from one of there sales I got it a year or so ago but I don't wear it much though I know I'm thinking of doing for one of my uni interviews! I think it just adds a splash of colour without being over bearing.

My leggings are a trusty pair of Evans ones which have been worn to death! Though I do feel these leggings could do with being a little thicker as when I bend my knees you can see skin through them a little too much. These boots are the wonderful pair I won off style369 in November and they look just as cute with leggings and a top as they do with a little tea dress. Then as always I finished off my look with a slick of rich red lipstick.

My next outfit post will either be what can I wear to my interview or a review of some lovely pieces yours clothing sent my way (which I've tried on and love already, I just wish I could keep them!)
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  1. i think it's more luck than anything. I was so lucky to get to work with Republic, but if you keep going with your blog and don't give up, it'll grow and become bigger and you never know what will happen :)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  2. A week without posting in the blogging world feels like centuries!! :) & you are looking lovely! Great outfit!

  3. your outfit looks lovely!
    so does your hair :))
    and welcome back!! :D xxx

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