A surprise showcase.


I found this while googling myself purely out of insomnia! sad I know, but it was such a lovely surprise I thought I would post it for you all to see. So here (so you can read it without squinting!) you can see what 100percentpeople had to say about little old me. they posted the original at the start of January but I've only just discovered it.

As you know, I am always looking out for blogs that I can peruse to my hearts content! I came across A Rose Like This after visiting the Evans Blog and I am so glad I paid a visit.

Rosemary Astbury is a UK blogger with a distinct love of all that is good in this world including vintage, books, music and more importantly fashion!

Rosie’s blog is packed with outfit posts, inspiration, artists and features other bloggers and what she finds interesting. This is what I like about the blog, it is different, okay, so its focus is fashion but Rosie looks at it from many perspectives along with her own artistic input.

Not only this, but she has compiled the list of her faviourite blogs and where she shops.

I have only discovered this blog today so I don’t have a full interpretation yet but if you are a regular reader then we would love to know your thoughts or do you have your own blog that you would like us to showcase?

And there it is. So do you think that they said about my blog is true or would you change anything, I'd love to know if you'd like to anything in perticular on my blog? and lastly here is a direct link to the post they did.

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  1. awwwe i think your blog is well worth a showcase :) <33

  2. That's awesome! They're paying a tribute to you for being 100% you! I wouldn't change your blog and I think it showcases your love for fashion. I enjoyed the ones whereby you were showing the women's land army period although I didn't have anything much to say!

  3. well done on the feature! :)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

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