Monday, 11 July 2016

Getting Shorty with Denim Boutique.

Levi Shorts: c/o Denim Boutique. Sunglasses: Specspost. T-Shirt: Clumsy Kate.

Well I have to say I never thought you'd get me in a pair of Levi Shorts yet thanks to Denim Boutique here I am! These are the style of shorts I just thought I'd not only never get my chubby body into but would also not suit me. Well it looks like I'll be eating my own hat as I absolutely love these for the summer! If you were wondering currently in the UK it is grey and raining but I did take these photos for the brief moment we had summer a few weeks ago! 

The shorts I'm wearing are a UK22 as when it comes to traditional denim I tend to have to size up to get my belly into the waistband but then the bum is often a little too big as you can see here but it's not too obvious! These are definitely short shorts and not something I'd wander round my local down in but they will be perfect for when I'm on the beach in a few weeks (praying our UK holiday is warm enough!) The team over at Denim Boutique also sent me a darker wash pair which don't have the more distressed styling as these do which I'll be posting in the coming weeks as I styled those up slightly differently! I decided to wear my new Clumsy Kate top as I'm so in love with the print! As a heads up I'm wearing her largest size available and I'm a UK20 it does fit but it's not a loose t-shirt if that makes any sense?! She has loads of designs that are her own as well as some adorable jewellery too! If you like quirky trinkets and a retro style you'll love Clumsy Kate! I kept everything else simple with a slick of bright lipstick and my go to sunglasses (I know they're pretty much surgically attached to my face, saves me doing eye make up!) finishing with a black hair bow to give my hair a little something more.

The team over at Denim Boutique have offered my lovely readers 20% off and this is valid until the end of the year, how awesome is that?! Just quote "rosie" at the checkout! 

Friday, 1 July 2016

Body Confidence with Boohoo Plus.

Bikini: c/o Boohoo Plus. Sandals: Simply Be. Sunglasses: Primark. Hair Scarf: Clumsy Kate.

When Boohoo emailed me and asked if I'd take part in our Body Confident Swimwear campaign I jumped at the chance! As a  teenage girl who once would have avoided being seen in a swimsuit at all costs and definitely never worn a Bikini now as the more body confident woman I am today as soon as the sun comes out I feel the need to show my skin in all its pasty glory! AsThe idea of a ‘beach-ready body’ is thrown around a lot this time of year, Boohoo want to break that trend and appreciate that there isn't any such thing as a perfect body. They say every girl is gorgeous in their own way and of course I whole heartedly agree! 
 Feeling confident in my body is something I still struggle with more often than I'd probably like to admit,it is also something I constantly working on and feeling cute in swimwear is something that massively helps me. When I first started blogging when I was 16 (I'm 23 now for reference) I didn't particularly like my body I just made the best of it if I could. However thanks to blogging and meeting so many amazing women in the Plus Size Community I've grown into the pretty confident woman you see today. Once I realised this is the body I was basically born with (I've always been chubby!) I decided I better learn to love it and it's definitely something that has come with age as it's probably in the last 18months I've felt the most comfortable and confident with my size. What I'm pretty much trying to say in the most rambling fashion is that having body confidence is an on going thing and something I'm always learning from and growing with.
For me what I remember is that every *body* is beach ready and not to limit yourself by wearing only swimwear you think is "safe" just wear what you love!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Petals and Posies with Voodoo Vixen.

Ginny Cardigan & Betsy Dress: c/o Voodoo Vixen. Sunglasses: Specspost. Hair Flower: Pin Up Curl. Shoes: Evans.

I'm back and with another beautiful dress and cardigan set from Voodoo Vixen, honestly I don't think they've ever gotten it wrong! Every single piece I've had from them I've utterly loved and this one is no exception! You may have noticed that recently I've been bringing my vintage loving side out more and more, which I hope you're enjoying seeing it as much as I'm enjoying exploring my personal style further but don't worry the leggings and swing dresses are still firmly in my wardrobe and worn on rotation! 

These are the Betsy Dress and Ginny Cardigan I'm wearing both in a 2XL and for reference I generally wear a UK dress Size 20. These both fit me really well and if you had a bigger bust than me this dress should be great as there is plenty of room for a bust much more ample than my own! What I love the most about these is the print/embroidery and attention to detail Voodoo Vixen always put into their garments. The quality is also extremely good none of the cardigans I own from them have lost their shape or have the dread baggy sleeve after rolling them up during the day. I also don't think I need a petticoat under this dress but you could add one for extra omph if you really wanted to as there is room under the skirt. If you're looking for something Vintage inspired in Plus Size that's extra special I'd definitely send you to Voodoo Vixen! 

I decided to style these pieces with my new hair flower which is the Rosalita Double Rose from Pin Up Curl. I've also picked this one up in a different colour way from her last week as I just love how it sits so well, you definitely need to check out her Etsy for all her hair flowers and her Facebook page to see the stunning hairstyles she also creates! My lips are in a Lime Crime Velvetine in Utopia (it's a fake but I love the colour anyway!)