Vintage Style and Victory Rolls.


Dress: Collectif Clothing. Bag:Vintage, thrifted. Hair flowers: H&M.

All images by Antony Cartwright.

A few weeks ago when all the glorious weather started (I'm getting sick of it now but come August when I'm away I'll miss the sunshine!) I went to one of my favourite vintage fairs. Vintage Village at Stockport, I believe it's usually the second Sunday of each month. Anyway if you're into vintage/retro finds its a must particularly if you don't live to far away. Because I'm so cool I always go with my folks. this time I didn't actually find anything myself to buy but my dad quite often does! 

Whenever we go I always try to pull out the more retro side of my personal style and because it's summer I finally broke out this dress I picked up in the Huge 50% off everything sale Collectif do a few times a year. (here's hoping it's about time for another one as I have a few things on my wishlist!)  I've had to alter it to fit me better but I expect that because I'm an awkward shape. It was warm that day so I thought it would be best to have my hair off my face but it had been so long since I did victory rolls on my own head I have to admit they aren't my best work! I'm also still surprised that I had any curl left in my hair when these photos were taken! Antony saw me with my folks and asked my dad if he could take my photograph because I was dressed up! My dad couldn't stop laughing seeing as I'm 25 now and you know what I'm glad Antony got some snaps for me because otherwise I wouldn't have any photos to show of the last time I looked half decent! However it has been so long since anyone took my photo I have to say I was more than a little rusty which is why my expression is bit resting bitch face! 

Evita! - Endellion Theatre Company April 2018


At the end of March I started working on Endellion's production of Evita which took place in a church (the scale of staging was insane, I have never seen anything quite like it!) A vast majority of the costumes had arrived prior to me joining the team due to prior commitments and illness on my part. It was indeed a crazy few weeks with a lot of tears and self doubt but I came out the other side having learnt a lot about myself and what I can handle. I also made some amazing friends from backstage crew to the fabulous cast we had, I was extremely lucky to work with so many talented people in one place and mostly ones that were on the same wave length as me. 

My title for this job was Costume Supervisor and I worked on the menswear department.

 Below a selection of the wonderful men who I was in charge of! Full uniforms hired from Flame Costumiers half military a mixture of Loft Costume Hire and sourced braces and granddad shirts by me. The womens department was full of pretty dresses, all the accessories you can imagine and some fabulous hat but I have to admit I love working with a group of guys probably because I'm the least ladylike person imaginable and just get stuck in. 

Wig setting not done by me! Done by the amazing John Cumberlidge who is the reason I got into theatrical wig work! However I was his assistant from 5.30pm until 7pm each show night to wrap the ladies hair in preparation for wigs after this I would then style the hair of the female cast who weren't wearing wigs and also set some of the mens as well! 


Currently Coveting - Simply Be.

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Wrap Dress with Shorts - Simply Be.

I've been lusting over this since I first saw it at the beginning of May and naturally when I decide throw caution to the wind (and my poor bank account) to treat myself for my Birthday it's sold out in the 2 sizes I fluctuate between. For most people that would be the end of that but for me I'm hoping to set aside a little bit of 'me' sewing time to knock up a fabulous 2 piece inspired by this! 

It won't be in the same colour way or probably even the same shape, perks of patterning and drafting your own designs is having blocks in a true plus size at your disposal! I do have a lovely fabric in mind for this that is waiting on my unit shelf to be made into something perfect and summery! 

If you could make the one garment of clothing you'd love what would it be?

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