Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Simply Be Lace Dress.

dress: c/o Simply Be. Leggings: Matalan. Belt: Peacocks. Shoes: Matalan.

Finally getting this post up I've had this dress since before Christmas but everything just got a little crazy and I never got round to wearing it for anything and didn't want to just take a picture of me wearing it in my halls! My brother took these photos for me before we left for a party last Friday! Where I ended up getting a little bit tipsy and talking my brother and another guy into coming to the pub not that they took much to get them to come!

Now this dress is utterly lovely I adore lace but can never find dresses that look right, they nearly always cling to my tummy but this one skims it nicely. I must confess it did not originally come with this slip under neath it but I wanted a whole black outfit so my belt stood out. I have to say though now looking back it looks better with the original slip so I'll wear that one day and show you! The lace is really soft and doesn't scratch at all (which I find happens with cheaper lace pieces) The only thing I thought when I first tried it on was that the arms are a little loose but that's probably for the best, comfort wise! I think you can really tell the quality of this when you wear it and it looks good with almost anything, I wore a charity shopped denim jacket over it on the way home as it was so cold!

I thought I'd be a little practical at the party so I wore my trusty leggings and not those heels! I just put them on for these photos, I don't think I would of lasted five minutes in those never mind five hours! These are the infamous heels I wore to Curves in Couture that nearly killed me, I'm definitely not a heels person but I can promise you that I will never learn this until its to late and I've broken my ankle in some stupid high ones! And on one last note I hope you all sincerely enjoy the picture of my face mid movement, proper Bieber fringe swish going on there as well!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Gok Wan for Simply Yours.

This time last week I packed my bag in preparation to spend the next day in London with some truly amazing bloggers and obviously the seriously amazing Gok Wan, now I know hes not lots of peoples cup of tea but yes I have the biggest crush on him, which I did make known! The way Gok talks about his pieces you can clearly tell how passionate he is about it all! We also met his assistant WHO IS BLOODY BEAUTIFUL and also complimented me, even though I was at a underwear preview I heard how the new range of glasses are going to be amazing! (There was more than just me who was lusting over the assistant basically all of us!)

Now I borrowed a few of these pictures off some of the bloggers who attended with me but I can't recall which was from who's blog so I'm going to link them all on there as I think they are all worth having a look at anyway! Some of the bloggers I'd met a few times before those being the lovely Em, Lauren, Mhairi, Naomi and Georgina but I was also soo happy to finally meet Becky, Clare and Beth. I'm so sorry if I've missed anyone out but I met so many people who were true darlings, thanks to Charlotte from Simply Be for being totally lovely as she always is and Sheena!

Finally I hope you have a giggle at my pictures of me with gok, I couldnt take a nice picture on that day and every shot I even look terrifying or my eyes are closed!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

I wanna be drunk when I wake up, On the right side of the wrong bed.

I'm sure you all know my slight obsession with Ed Sheeran after a number of posts on his videos and then when I saw him a few weeks ago well this is his new video and like all the others it is actually amazing. This isn't the one they'll be playing on the music channels though as its technically been named to weird for the telly... I don't really get why but I'll let you figure out why if you watch the video!

As always Ed styled himself (totes needs to email me for my help...) but this is actually his firstly video where he's fully in it, by this I mean that for A team, You need me, I don't need you and Lego house hes been in the background but never the full picture and this is his first time so to speak! I'd love to read your views on this video and yes I do wish Ed would be drunk when he woke up on the right side of the wrong bed... the wrong bed incidentally being mine....

And finally guys PLEASE KEEP VOTING FOR ME on the company mag/river island comp! I'm on 159 likes at the moment and would love 200 by the middle of the week! go and vote here by simply liking the image(s).

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Let's go home, I think we oughtta, I know you're your mother's daughter.

Yes I'm wearing my "high waisted" shorts again, I was just so unsure what to wear with this outfit and I took these pictures then put it with a different skirt and it worked even better so I'll probably post those up at some point in the near future.

I bought this top from Primark yesterday or today depending what time they say this was posted! You may of seen the navy and white collared version on here a week or so ago.. yes I'm addicted to peter pan collars or well any collars really and at the moment Primark have some seriously lovely tops in at the moment I've bought 4 already and there is another one I'm definitely getting my hands on if my store ever have it in my size! The locket was a gift off someone before I left for uni and the cardigan is my old faithful from Dorothy Perkins I've had it for years but I still wear it all the time even though its becoming holey.

I also used my curling wand I got for Christmas off my parents, finally getting the hand of it and I actually prefer the results after I've brushed the curls out. The curls themselves last for ages to normally if I curl my hair it may last and hour and just drop out but I had these in all night even brushed my hair and slept on it and it was still wavy, definite plus in my book!

Just one last little note to say the Gok Wan event in London on Tuesday was amazing everyone was lovely and once all the pictures are up ( I need to borrow some of the lovely bloggers as mine didn't come out so well) I'll do a most likely picture heavy post!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Braided Headband.

Thought I'd show you guys how I've been wearing my hair for the past day or so and yes this is my own hair when I wore it like this to uni some people asked me if it was a hair piece of some form of hairband but nope its all my own. So it looks like you've spend ages making and effort when really its taken you five minutes and what makes it even better its so easy to do.

To recreate this you just plait to section at the front of your hair and pull them up across your head and grip them in place. If you use Kirby grips and lock the hair down within the plait it conceals them much better than just shoving them across. I also tend to do it so the end of my plaits are hidden under each one to create a roughly seamless finish. This is also exactly how I do Heidi plaits which I love wearing!

Now if you have me on twitter you would of seen some tweets about this but I've entered the Company Mag's comp to possibly be in there reader issue they said all sizes can enter so I am. I'm desperate to prove something with this so if you have facebook PLEEASSSE GIVE ME A LIKE ON ALL MY PICTUES it would honestly mean the world to me! You can like them all here I think its my polka dot shirted one which they offically count so if you only want to like one make it that one!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

High Waisted shorts and Vintage Tee's.

I'll try to keep this short as I just snapped these pictures after getting in from being at a friends flat/the pub so I'm probably a little worse for wear and looking a bit of a mess. But I've been itching to do an outfit post for days and I'm traveling home (again) tomorrow night so I knew I wouldn't have time then.

This top I bought in one of my favourite charity shops in my local town, I don't think I've shown it on the blog before but I know that I've been meaning to! I actually wore it to see one direction the day before Christmas eve. I adore the length of the sleeve hits just above my elbow meaning the area of my arms I'm self conscious about is covered and well the pattern is just adorable! It also has a slightly shoulder pad which I'll possibly take off eventually but for now I like it. The shorts I bought in the Dorothy Perkins sale online high waisted shorts were on my what I want from the sales list. Though I don't know if they work for me they just don't seem high waisted enough I seriously need some shape wear under them otherwise I get a little belly roll, I'm also worried that you can too obviously see the line of my tummy in them too but I suppose its mine so I should embrace it right?!

I just accessorised it with my trusty vintage bag from a charity shop years ago which has been fixed so may times now but I just love it so much I can't bear for it to break! This is the make up I wet out in so I do apologise if it looks like its slipping make up never stays on my face how ever much hairspray I cover it in! I hope to post again around sundayish as on Monday night I'm travelling to London for the Gok Wan for Simply Yours event SOOO EXCITED TO MEET GOK I MIGHT DIE IF HE SAYS ANYTHING NICE TO ME.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ed Sheeran.

On Friday I went into Manchester to see the seriously amazing Ed Sheeran and was lucky enough to meet him at the end after freezing my arse off for well over an hour. He even took my business card and said " I do my own styling but that's cool" referring to my business card his manager offered to take it off him but he said he'd put it in his pocket and I watched him do so. Then me and my lovely friend Amy got a picture with him, utterly perfect even more so with his adorable jam jar glasses (jam jar meaning there pretty strong lenses).

Now yes I was basically at the back (we were standing behind the sound desk) meaning I spent half the night staring at the securities chest, he was lovely and called Richard Cullen and was a first year student doing some form of accounting, new friend for life right there I also later got told in the loos by a girl that he and I quote "well fancied me" brilliant. But in all honestly this was one of the best gigs I've ever been to and I feel all emotional thinking about it as since September its all I've listened to meaning sometimes its the only thing that's got me through moving to uni etc. Next time I am going to try even harder into blagging myself onto the guest area... because its the balcony so I would actually be able to see the whole of insanely wonderful Ed instead of just flashes of his beautiful ginger hair. So if you follow me and don't know who Ed us (which would be suprising as I've done at least three posts on him) you can find him on twitter as @edsheeran

If you ever get a chance to see Ed Sheeran take it! he is also one of the truly loveliest "well known" people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting now all I have to do is plan our wedding...

Thursday, 12 January 2012

You and I ended over U N I.

I'll try and keep this as short and sweet as possible because I'm supposed to be doing a whole list of other things right now! I bought this lovely little top from Primark this week for a fiver which I don't think is too shabby the only thing being that its pretty see through not that I mind all that much! It's also got an adorable scalloped edges on the sleeves and bottom though it does roll up slightly but I do't mind at all. I wore to pop to uni to hand in a project with this dress over which I bought last Christmas in the Evans sale. I think the collar of the top peeping out give a whole new lease of life to the dress and the necklace is like a little hand mirror which I got off a friend for Christmas as she knew how much I've been after one!

I just slapped on a bit of bright pink lippie on so there was a hint of colour to the outfit and my face. I haven't worn my hair like this since the beginning of September so I thought I'd give it ago tonight I wish I wore it like this more as its great for when my hairs just annoying me but I don't want a ponytail swishing around behind my head! I'm also trying to decide what to wear to Ed Sheeran on Friday night (yes I'm VERY excited) so I hope you all look forward to my probably awful pictures of him at the gig! (also this is what my post title is about I'm listening to his album on repeat in preparation!)

Now its time for a group pizza night and giggles with the girls from uni but just before I leave, did anyone else join in the #plussizechat on twitter last night? I actually found it so much fun and it was great to see that so many people agree with you!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Going Dotty.

This is one of the dresses the ever so lovely Simply Be sent for me to review for you all. The second one I plan to have posted by next week at the latest. I have to say I utterly love this dress and there's only one draw back for me its a little bit to long for me so I plan to take it up a little bit just because then I know I will wear it so much more. I also think I could of probably sized down in this dress as I feel its a little roomy but it still looks lovely, for these pictures I pulled it under the elastic a little and kept in place with the tie it seems to have worked pretty well though you couldn't walk around with it like this.

I adore the mix of colours and pattern and I especially love anything spotty or dotty though usually I play safe with it only ever being in monochrome but I love this turquoise colour with with pink and brown which is a combination I'd never think of pairing and wearing (oh look at that I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!) I also love the button detailing on the dress and sleeves another thing I would like to see on more dresses is buttons right up to the neck though I'm sure there's a lot of plus size women who don't like that so I totally get why its not on many pieces. While I'm on the subject of buttons I like that the shirt style at the front is actually a whole piece and the buttons and there stand is just a design feature which means NO GAPING which is brilliant and so man of my shirts do gape! I just wore my new jumper from Matalan with it because the colour works with the dress. And yes there is a picture of my face for how tired I at the moment my dark circles don't look so bad thank god for collection 2000 concealer and camera flash!

Right now I'm supposed to be writing an 1000 word essay but I'm really struggling to start it, the annoying this is I can write masses on here but when it comes to essays or notes I'm awful my theory is I can write on here because its something I genuinely want to do out of choice and the essays are because I've been told to do them, does that make sense? And right now I've written coming up to 450 words so why can't I write that this when it comes to my actual work....

Saturday, 7 January 2012

I Heard It Through The Grapevine.

Here are a few snaps which we took while at my brother DJ night in a cafe/bar in my local town. This was the second night he's done are his indie soul night with my friends brother (said friend is in the bottom picture with me) the nights called Through The Grapevine and it's really good fun as I am a bit of a indie girl and there is nothing like some good old northern Motown classics to dance around to!

Unfortunately I look a bit of a mess due to me having some serious issues with sleeping at the moment generally due to my pure dread and fear of leaving home again and going back to uni, I would explain why I am but I don't want to bore you with me crying etc. So I shall go onto a nicer subject these are some of my old friends from High School one of the girls I have hardly seen in the last couple of years so it was so lovely to see her again and tit around like we used to!

I never got round to getting any decent pictures of my outfit but I wore a vintage shirt from a charity shop which has Broadway on it. My skirt is new and bought in the sale from Dorothy Perkins and its hardly been off me since I got it. Back to uni tomorrow so I'll have my tripod hopefully I'll get some review posts up in the next week as my photographer has been slacking all over Christmas!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Ladylike Look With Marisota.

I adore anything in a 1940s style as if you've been a follower of my blog for a while you may recall this time last year there being a number of posts about the Womens Land Army and 1940s fashion ( this was due to my collection for college but I truly enjoyed doing it!)

In case you didn't know Marisota are a plus size clothing catalogue who sell some of the loveliest things! So I thought I'd bring it back with a Ladylike look with all items from Marisota's wonderful array of lines and collections. To me nothing screams the vintage style like a matte red lip colour and I often sport the make up myself though with a modern twist and this is what I love about all these pieces there all very classic but with a modern take be it in the detailing or fabric which is used.

The style of this blouse reminded me very much of blouses worn in the Forties I simply love the slight volume in the sleeves and the ruffle detailing around the neck. I would choose to wear this with the Bespoke Perfect Black Pencil Skirt which would show off a hourglass figure perfectly and give a beautiful 1940s silhouette. Then I also think these darling gloves would accessorise the outfit perfect and all you'd need to finish off the look would be victory rolls in your hair and a slick of pillar box red lippy!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Eve.

So this is what I wore to bring in 2012 in style! I honestly had such a good night though I haven't drank so much in a long time it was pretty messy and I actually have very little recollection of anything that happened after midnight so obviously it was a good night! Though I have been told some of the things I did or said and have had texts today telling me I was brilliant and hilarious I know I obviously was making a big idiot out of myself but at least I have the drunk excuse (this time).

These are both new purchases and both in a size 16! ( I do realise its totally obvious that I am in fact not a size 16 and I'm actually a size 20) the top I bought before Christmas from Madame Rage online in the sale I adore this top but I wore it for the first time last night and a few of the buttons fell off so I'm going to change them for slightly more sturdy ones. It's a cropped style so its hard to tuck in but I somehow managed it for most of the night it also has lovely draping on the front and I genuinely just love it. The skirt was from Dorothy Perkins in the sale as I've been looking for a few skirts that can be worn for all different things. and this one can be dressed up or down and I can wear it high waisted and its still a really good length, the fabric is also pretty thick and feels comfortable and warm on. I finished the outfit off with my massive black heels (which I lasted all of five minutes in).

And lastly I thought I'd share with you a picture I always have to get taken when I go to house parties the obligatory singing into the shower head photo and as you can clearly see I was loving life right then!