Saturday, 31 March 2012

Clements Ribeiro for Evans Event.

Right on Monday I headed to London to have a look at the Clements Ribeiro for Evans collection. I know this has been on a number of girls blogs so I won't dwell to much on this collaboration other to say that I love it! Okay so not everything in it will suit me or is even to my tastes but some pieces are completely to die for and I would wear them so much! The top images of me wearing the black heart print tunic which I am seriously going to invest in as I utterly adored it on and felt like it could be worn in so many different ways!

As always it was lovely to meet up with some of the bloggers I've come to know and love dearly! I spent my time with Becky from The Ramblings of Mrs Bebe, La Cara from Oh La La Curves, Naomi from Diamonds 'n' Pearls , Joanne from Just Joanna and finally Amy from These Girls Turn Heads. I do believe there were some other lovely ladies there to but I can't remember names, so sorry! I met up with Becky to arrive at head office together and then also met up with Joanne when we (eventually) got to Oxford street after thinking we could walk from Kings Cross to head office in the end we got completely lost and admitted defeat and got on the tube and then had a cheeky bit of food before the event!

Evans made the event such a lovely experience and I was just insanely excited about being at Arcadia head offices, can you tell I'm a fashion student?! We were also treated to drinks and nibbles and I think we all know I love treats so that was obviously brilliant. This Monday I'm going to head to Liverpool and snap up a piece from the collection, also planning on taking a few sneaky changing room pictures so you can all see how the collection is on someone short and very round unlike the pro models. I'll give my honest opinion on the selection as I do with anything! I borrowed a few of these snaps mainly ones of me and ones with becky) either off evans facebook page or Naomi thanks guys!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sunny Day at Sudbury Hall.

Just a few quick snaps from when I was wandering around the grounds of Sudbury Hall on Sunday with my parents. It was such a lovely day though we didn't turn up until half past 4 when basically everything is closed but you could still walk around the grounds it was purely a fleeting visit on the way back to uni but it was nice to wander around the gardens all the same.

I can't wait to visit again and pretend I'm in some period drama (wearing a denim skirt and polka dots obviously I look the part!) In a number of the rooms within the hall they actually filmed some scenes for Pride and Prejudice the original TV series with Colin Firth, yes I was excited when I found out! Next time I'm going to make my brother go so at least I have his decent camera instead of my slowly but surely dying one!

During the next week or so I'll get a post up about when I visited Arcadia head office (home of Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop etc) for a little blogging event to look at the new Evans collection, if you follow me on twitter you'll know it was great and I think there's a few snaps up on the Evans facebook page to!

Monday, 26 March 2012


This is what happens when I come home to go to my best friends (middle picture of friend shots) little brothers 18th where we all had to dress as animals while he was dressed as a vet, he's going to uni to do veterinary sciences or something! I dressed up as a cat and even draw paw prints on my face and generally drink a bottle of wine while one of my younger best friends who happens to be Scottish comes to pick me up for the party looking like hes smothered himself in fake tan in the dark and then fallen over into a vat of cotton wool balls! I was finding them over the weekend in random parts of my bag! And finally the bottom picture is me and my amazing friend Eleanor we both share a slightly crazy love of One Direction and we re -kindled (I've actually known her since I was five) our beautiful friendship just over a year ago and I wouldn't have my life any different now! P.s she was a panther not a cat but were both from the feline family.

Right now on to the snaps my best friend Lily took in her bedroom after I'd had a glass or two of wine hence the shiny face. My top is a new buy from Primark I'm seriously loving there stuff at the moment I've only ever bought dresses tops or skirts from there in the last few years I'm yet to try trousers though I really would like to! I need some decent jeans in my life. My skirt is currently being worn to death and was a fiver from Matalan. Lastly my lippie is Barry M and was new that day and it's staying power is soo good and I also bought a Barry M lip liner which has just change my red lipstick life! The mask was made by my mum with a template off google images and some funky foam, it seriously pays to have a rainbow leader for a mum we have so much crafty stuff lying around!

Tomorrow I'm hitting up London for the Clements Ribeiro Collaboration with Evans preview, I'm so excited I'm also meeting up with Becky so we can arrive together, because a) I never really know where I'm going in London. b) I hate turning up to things on my own just in case I look a total idiot and finally c) everything is better when you turn up in two's.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Grey Tshirt Dress.

It's taken me too long to do a blog post this week, I've had so much to write about but without pictures its pointless and as I forgot to take pictures at the party I went to last weekend I'm hoping to put the outfit I wore on again when I'm home so I can at least show you guys!

These pictures aren't brilliant either and definitely don't do this dress justice! I've been lusting over the Topshop version since before Christmas but alas I can't afford £30 odd for a jersey dress and the minor detail I can't get my arse into Topshop, Primark have finally cottoned on and made a version of it for under a tenner which I'm WAY more happier with. I had to get a size 18 because there weren't any 20's in my local store and I didn't want to wait though to be honest this size is fine and fits very well I'll probably buy it in a 20 as well just in case it shrinks when I was it or anything. They also do it in a stripe ( which is what I actually went in for) but I couldn't find my size anyway around the store then waiting for a changing room I saw a women leave with a size 20... I was actually gutted! Hoping to drop on it soon as it will be perfect for the summer and the length is also just right!

The sunnies are also new... from Primark for a £1 you can't really go wrong with Primark sunglasses I mean they don't last forever but what pairs do? There also fun and you can own 15 pairs for the price of one pair in Topshop! I also bought a pair of metal RayBan style ones for 50p as I ruined my last pair drunkenly ripping the lenses out so I could dress as a nerd! I paired the look with my deer necklace which I've made longer with a piece of a old broken necklace which is also from Primark ( I'm virtually a walking advert for them, can you tell I'm a student?!) and a slick of bright coral lipstick. My hair was also extremely knotty and in desperate need of a wash when I took these pictures so I'm sorry it all looks a little grungy! I don't usually wear a topknot unless I'm lazing around or keeping my hair out of the way while I'm doing work but I actually quite like this look.

I'm back home tomorrow for a very close friends party (fancy dress so I'll try and get pictures!) and then on Monday I'm hopefully in London for an event, so I have a very exciting week ahead.

Friday, 16 March 2012


Just some pictures of what I wore to a gig tonight and 2 sneaky instagram pictures of the support and headline band ( thanks to Nic for these, I borrowed them off her!) The band I went to see at the Sound House were Kassidy and I am seriously impressed! There Scottish and all there songs are just brilliant, they also all have hair at least to there shoulders if not longer, my fave is the blonde haired one and there roadie who's ginger and they have nicknamed ginger ninja (honestly its his twitter name!)

I posted a couple of snaps of what I was wearing on my twit pic with my web cam and to be honest I think I prefer those pictures but here are some I took when I got in hence the slightly disheveled face! So my outfit was pretty plain so jewelry or anything I just didn't fancy getting to fussy I wanted to be comfortable but still interesting. So I wore this amazing shirt from Asos which I love to bits! It's so easy to wear and is such an amazing print the only downside being it creases so easily! Now the skirt is from Matalan I picked it up as a good basic but have slightly fallen in love, it's the perfect jersey skirt! The pockets are deep enough for your hands and stuff to actually fit in, short enough without making me fully flash my knickers and it sits really nicely on my body, the fact it only cost a fiver is just a bonus really! I just finished the outfit off with Primark flats, tights and a vintage bag from a charity shop.

My hair and makeup were even behaving tonight so I felt really good going out for a change! I just finished with some lip stain because I knew I'd probably have a pint and didn't bother with eyeliner because I knew I'd be wearing my glasses! I'm off home tomorrow (or today depending that date it says when I post this!) in the evening I have a massive party for an old family friend so I'll make sure I get a snap of my outfit as its a dress occasion.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another Dress.

Just a quick post to ask all your lovely opinions on yet another dress! Yes I think its clear now I have a dress obsession. I've been looking for the perfect one for a party on Friday but I still don't know if I've found the perfect one. Now don't get me wrong on the littlewoods clearance on eBay this seemed perfect slouchy not to long black and really beautiful detailing on the sleeves and neckline. But I think it may run slightly small as its snugger than I would of wanted to really but alas they didn't go up to a 22 otherwise I would of probably size up anyway. I also bought a purple pleated skirt from the clearance to and it is lovely but so short!

I could wear a skirt over this dress but then it hides the cute pockets. So I just have no idea, and I'm completely open to your overly honest opinions and idea's towards what I can do or should do. I also thought I could wear some hardcore shape wear under it but as I don't actually own any that works and don't have the money for decent ones I might give primarks a try as one of your lovely girls on twitter mentioned that they were pretty good! PLEASE HELP ME.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Keep Calm and Play Louder.

I don't want to write pages and pages about this (though I could very easily!) On Saturday night went to the 02 Apollo in Manchester to see my all time favourite band, McFly I haven't missed a tour since I was 13 and I've loved them since I was ten, which was when they first started almost 9 years which is crazy!

For all the tour dates but one I've been with my friend Mary (who is the main person in the bottom picture with me, please ignore Elly jumping in, haha!) Last tour we ended up on second row then somehow jumped to right in front of Tom Fletcher, which was amazing. This time round the 4 of us ( Elly, Mary, me and Mary's friend from uni Eilidh) we somehow ended up behind friends and family meaning we were surround by the boys really fit girlfriends (how depressing) and Antony Cotton which was brilliant though I fear I deafened him by the end!

further down the row in front of Mary was James Michael who was on XFactor... we first bumped into him as soon as we walked in and I grabbed him because it was Mary's 19th and she wanted a pictures (more like I did) next think we know hes grabbing us and mushing his face into my cheek for a picture and going on about how cool it is to come to McFly on your birthday! Then the best thing happened he sang Happy Birthday to Mary and it wasn't the best I've ever heard him we were all in fits of laughter!

Now I'm going to finish with I heard 3 of McFlys new songs and they are AMAZING I'd forgotten how much I loved them and how insane they are live! Even if your not a massive fan of them you will like these songs, Fangirl for life.

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Step 1, step 2, step 3....Finished outcome!!!

Yes guys I finally did it! I ombre'd my hair, I know I've been going on about doing it since the summer and even bought the bleach then but kept on chickening out when it came to actually putting the bleach on my hair, I was terrified I'd ruin it and end up ruining my hair, but I eventually bit the bullet and this is how it turned out, not bad for my first ever attempt!

I posted up the pictures of my process on my twitter while I was doing, mostly just for you all to giggle at! My methods are probably not right especially as I'd lost the actual instructions but regardless this worked for me. I also made a 4 part video set on doing my ombre hair there a little shoddy and a mess but no ones perfect right? I'll get them up on my YouTube as soon as and post the links on here to accompany the post! I think one thing to remember is that you shouldn't be scared of trying this yourself as I'm perfectly happy with this and the bleach cost me under 4 quid and I dread to think how much it would cost me to get it done at the hairdressers!

Tonight I'm heading off to see Mcfly and yes I am very excited! It's also one of my dearest friends birthdays who I'm going with which means only one thing loads of banners and me telling everyone its her birthday! I won't be wearing anything of height fashiony credentials but I might do a cheeky little post on it all anyway for a laugh!

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Just a little update to show you all some tartan loving that I have going on! I wasn't particularly happy with these pictures but I thought I'd post them up anyway as I didn't want to leave it more than a week without a post, shocking I know!

Thought I'd show you 2 new pieces and an item I've had since before Christmas and worn to death yet never blogged about, which is very unusual for me! The poncho/scarf concoction was a sale buy from Urban Outfitters and has been worn to death, I adore it and it looks lovely with almost everything in my wardrobe and more importantly it's comfortable and warm, though I have now lost 3 out of the 4 buttons which were on it. The denim jacket I picked up from a charity shop in my local town as its got the almost perfect over sized fit for me and is much better than my other denim jacket which I'll eventually be whacking up on ebay.

I saw the shirt on Amy's blog when she did a review for One Stop Plus and I instantly fell in love! So I patiently waited until I could justify buying it then snapped it up. After waiting for what felt like a year for it to arrive (it was a little over a week) I got it and loved it though it's a little too snug under the arms for my usual liking. It came with a black ribbon in but I added these two tartan ones though after taking these picture I gently pulled it over my head and the lace/netting ripped and I don't know how to fix it yet so I'm a bit gutted. Just thought I'd add the lippy I've got on came in my prize from Dani's blog birthday giveaway! It's lush!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

With some other guy that you knew before.

Through The Grapevine 13.04.2012 from Sam Astbury on Vimeo.

This is just a cheeky little post on behalf of my brother Sam and his mate. They runs a indie soul night at a bar in my hometown every so often (usually whenever most students are home) and this is his short promo video for it. My brother Sam shot this himself and the backing song is Kaiser chiefs cover of "I heard it through the grapevine" which I love and have been singing for the past day thanks to this video! (Sam is a Film and media graduate and also my blog photographer from time to time.)

I posted about the last one here and it was honestly so much fun, I had a really good time there is nothing like seriously good music and a really cool place to just hang out and drink cocktails (or in my case bottles of beer as they were the cheapest on promotion!) The night itself also has its own personalised cocktail "Rum and Ting" which towards the end of the evening I was calling bumting... that would of been the becks talking! So if your in the North West or even closer such as Cheshire get yourself down I'm sure it'll be a really good night!

Where: Illuccinis' Cafe Bar, Capital Walk, Congleton. When: Friday 13th April! Time: 9.00pm - 2.00am Price: Tickets- £2, On-The-Door - £3.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Elomi Review.

This is my first ever attempt at reviewing underwear, so apologies if I'm rubbish! I'll tell you all about the set and what they are like but no pictures of me wearing it (other than the one above but it's only the strap!) I don't fancy people from my old school or college googling my name and finding pictures of me in underwear! ( I also know a few read the blog and I don't fancy having to look them in the eye if they saw me in my pants!) I hope you don't mind though it would of put you off logging on my to my page anyway!

the set I was so kindly sent is called Ophelia which on the Elomi site it says is 'sophisticated meets sexy with a plunge push-up bra in leopard lace, co-ordinated with an indulgent thong'. Now before we start I am definitely not a thong kind of girl I am way more of a Bridget kind of pants girl but when I opened the package I was surprised to find how nice the thong was not tacky or tiny (which was my past judgment on them!) I'm still not in love with them but there not as bad as I once thought! I was sent the thong in a XXL which is a size 20 I believe.

Now onto the bra fits like a dream, I was fitted at plus London two by one of Elmi's lovely girls so I knew what size to get which in case you were wondering was a 38DD and fits very well, the only downside being that the bottom of it rolls up when I move but that just because of my rolls making it do it! The bra also gives a really nice shape without it being all up in your face or anything like that! I also feel really grown up in this as I'm used to wearing basic underwear which has been in a similar style since I was about 15! I also need to mention that the straps are nice and thick too so they don't cut into your shoulders and help me have better posture to, if you get me?

When I met everyone representing Elomi at Plus London Two, I was super surprised at the cuteness of their pieces I know it sounds awful but when I look at underwear for plus size there sometimes really frumpy but Elomi isn't at all! And their pieces are lovely to wear as well!