Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Polka Dots and Red Lips.

Dress: Vivien of Holloway. Top: M&Co. Shoes: Matalan. Brooch: Vintage. Flower slide: Primark.

At the start of the month I was looking at the lovely blog DIY Fatshion by Dani (go check her out shes so sweet!) and saw her Polka dot get up and felt totally inspired by her. Of course I don't own the exact same outfit (If only!) but I certainly own more than enough of my fair share of spotty items, they're like my kryptonite... along with stripes obviously!

The outfit ended up coming out pretty vintage inspired with my beautiful VOH dress which I bought from Rachel who runs A Dress Is For Life and my eBay petticoat under neath. One of my favourite colour combinations is red and monochrome so I added my bargain £2.50 shoes and lashing of red gloss! I just couldn't resist blowing you all a kiss as a thank you for following me and putting up with my ramblings! As I've just reached 400 GFC followers today, SO CHEERS!

For once I don't have much else to say, first time for everything right! It was my birthday this weekend I turned the rip old age of 20, but I didn't really plan much as all my friends were still at Uni etc but it was lovely all the same with my family even though it rained! Hopefully I'll have some snaps from our day out up soon once I get my hands on them!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Oh My Cleo.

After the lovely Learn The Fit event with Panache us bloggers got a few little treats in the post, including our favourite lingerie piece from one of the collections and a swimwear piece. Of course both of my choices came from the Cleo range. I love the look and fabrics used for them as they're fun and young which are perfect for me at 19 (well 20 next Monday eeek!) The swimwear item was a rather lovely vintage style Bikini, though I'm hunting for the perfect bottoms as the ones that come with it are a little too low rise for my liking but the top is so cute! 

I love Cleo Balconnet Bra's and this Melissa is no exception. As always these are a good fit on me as you can see in the middle image the centre core of the bra sits flush again my chest without a mass of cleavage. Though the usual minus thing being only 2 hooks on the back so it does roll up slightly when I move due to me obviously being very fleshy! The straps are thick and comfortable so do not cut in or twist and I feel well supported. I was originally a little dubious of this bra as it was without any padding and in the past I've not been 100% sold on this kind of bra. I like a little padding just to be sure there's no accidentally nip on when it's chilly but I don't feel quite so conscious in this, I think this is particularly due to the support the bra gives me anyway I'm well upholstered and it shows!

I'm wearing a 38E and a size 18 bottom but I also own Cleo bottoms in a size 16 too. You can also see that I fill the bra without any flat sections, pulling or wrinkling in the fabric. If you're after beautiful bras that fit well and are fun Panache are the people for you! Though as a warning I am a cup size bigger in all panache lingerie where as in other stores I'm a 38DD.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fat Girl In A Crop Top!

Crop Top: Primark. Skirt: Asos Curve. Necklace: Claires Accessories.

So there has been a bit of fat hate flying around the Internet today so I thought it was about time to pop up these pictures of me in a crop top to show I don't care! Crop tops are currently my fave things ever at the moment, from fitted to loose fit, long sleeved to short I love them all. This Primark number has been worn to death already and for £3.50 I see it as a bargain (ps it washes really well too!) Also I realise there is more pictures than what I normally upload but I was feeling fierce and vain all at the same time!

Styling a crop like this is a safe way to wear the style without feeling too self conscious about it all... Lets be honest I'm so pale that it just looks like a belt! I feel like this will become my new go to for when I want to feel confident along with my usual slick of red lipstick! Jersey skirts are another of my favourites, easy to wear time and time again And the print on this one just makes it more interested and perfect. In my eyes nothing beats being quirky.

Some of you may love this others of you may think I'm insane and that's up to you but currently in myself and at this moment in time I want to push the boundaries within in wardrobe and a little bit of my middle being on show is the start next step high waisted fatkini! And yes I am just casually dancing in the third picture, just loving life to be honest!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Carnaby and Campbell.

What seems like forever ago The lovely people at Carnaby and Campbell got in contact to see if I'd like to try out a view of there pieces and how could I turn them down as they offer vintage inspired, select pieces of jewellery which are just up my street. In the upcoming year they also have a fair few exciting things to come which I cannot wait to see unfold! The pieces I was sent are the Rose Bouquet Cameo Necklace and the Boating Hat Ring both came very quickly and securely packaged which is always a lovely touch!

I utterly adore these pieces and are wonderful addictions to my Jewellery collection. I have a brooch in a similar style to the ring which is what initially drew me to it, it's full adjustable which is a great plus for someone like me who's fingers resemble the humble cocktail sausage! And well anything with a cameo is a winner for me, though this is a style I've never tried before but will from now on. After these two pieces were so lovely and very reasonably priced! (Ring £3 Necklace £5) I've had my eye on a few other pieces including the Golden Plume ring and Bangle and the Pocket Watch necklace!

Just a quick apology for my rough old face up there, I snapped these on my phone and I had no make up on! Another excuse being my photographer (read brother) is currently away and I try to usually use his snazzy camera for such detailed shots!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Galaxy Defenders Stay Forever.

Dress: c/o Simply Be. Belt: Matalan. Bolero: M&Co.

I got sent this lovely galaxy print dress way back when by the lovely people at Label PR/Simply Be. It's something in the past I'd definitely shy away from it being a maxi dress and colourful but I adored the print so much I though it was worth a try! Surprisingly I really liked it on me, the only downsides being that it is to long but what else were flatforms made for! Also it's very snug under your arms I'm wearing my usual size which is a 20.

he fabric is comfortable and doesn't seem to crease much (which is a massive plus for me) and of course the print is insanely amazing, I've been obsessed with galaxy print for ages and I was just so happy to find something with it in a plus size store! I feel this could be dressed up or down but I quite like it for a more snazzy occasion, in fact I have a few weddings coming up in the not so distant future and I think this will work perfectly for one of them! When I took these pictures it was still really nippy so I paired it with an old bolero and added some detail to the waistband with this cute little belt.

I decided on something a little different when it came to my hair and make up, gone is my usual red lip and here it is replaced with Rimmel Apocolips in Stella which is a lovely almost pinky colour unfortunately it hasn't been picked up in the photographs. I decided to shove (technical term) my hair into a messy knot with some pieces framing my face, I don't tend to wear it up very often as I'm worried it makes my face even bigger but never mind I didn't call my twitter Rosieroundface for nothing! And yes my title is from McFly's classic Star Girl, I couldn't help myself!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

FFF Oversized and Comedy Night.

Top: Asos Curve. (P)leather Jacket: Dorothy Perkins. Leggings: Matalan. Shoes: Primark.

It's time yet again for another Fat Fabulous Four challenge This time were tackling oversized! I own quite alot of oversized tee's as I find them more comfortable and easy to wear. I wore this outfit out on Thursday night to go to Mulligans Irish Bar for The Monday Club comedy night Featuring the likes of Dean Smith his lovely sister Hannah and a number of guys and gals from north west shows like Hollyoaks, Corrie and Waterloo Road. (it's usually on a Monday...) with fellow blogger babe Charl of Ginger Girls Says it was our second date at Mulligans and was just as funny as the first one, though a little less crowded as Nico Mirallegro wasn't gracing the evening with his presence which meant less screaming teenage girls.

I wanted to be comfortable as I'd been feeling ill for most of the day. I also decided to go against that one fashion rule of not wearing leggings with tee's but I hope I got away with it as I always wear them with an oversized top half and very thick leggings, which are my adorable ones from my previous post! My finishing touches were my trusty pleather jacket, cute flats a patent red bag (not pictured) and this lovely necklace from Claire's Accessories! I know it used to be the place we'd all go for our scene kid gear, boy headband anyone? But they genuinely have some really pretty necklaces I made the chain longer for this one, which has a soppy quote about love on it! I decided taking these snaps on the virtually empty train home was a good idea so we did, We were all kinds of ghetto fabulous that night it has to be said!

Don't forget to check out the other ladies blogs to see how tackled the trend!...

Friday, 3 May 2013

Project D London for Simply Be.

Tunic: c/o Project D London for Simply Be. Leggings: Matalan. Flatforms: Next.

A few weeks back I was offered a chance to style a piece from Project D London for Simply Be  
The beautiful collection by the babe that is Dannii Minogue and her dear friend Tabitha with 4 other lovely bloggers and of course we all said yes and choose the Rockafeller Print Tunic! I love a good challenge (even though I'm not the best at getting them up in time!) so it was awesome to see how we all styled it up in our own ways. 

Unfortunately the sunshine has slightly ruined my outfit almost bleaching out my amazing glittery flatforms which I wore with the tunic to pick up on the amazing New York skyline on the bottom. I decided to style it up with my polka dot leggings from Matalan to add a little texture to the over all look, they help lift an otherwise almost all black outfit. Finished with a slick of Rimmel Apoclips in Big Bang and the outfit is finished to my style and comfort! I'd also love to wear this tunic with tights to give it another look. I found it a very slouchy shape but the slip under is quite fitted I got this in my usual size 20. This isn't my usual kind of shape but I really like it and I'm glad I stepped out of my clothing comfort zone a little and discovered this!

I really like a number of pieces in the Project D London Collaboration including the Carnegie Strappy Dress which I adore the delicate flower straps and Brooklyn Embroidered Cover Up Shrug which would look amazing with a plain tee and cute jeans and wedges, in fact the more I look at it the more I want it!

If you want to check out all the other lovely bloggers babes looks for this beautiful tunic you can see them below! (And of course you want to!)