Accidental Hiatus...

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Hey.... do you remember me? I know it's been one hell of a while but I may be away a little longer. 
Try not to miss me too much my Instagram is still updated almost daily, I've just had a lot on since January and something had to give. 

That and I super last minute got the chance to be a Wardrobe Supervisor for a production in Leeds which means along with my other job I'm travelling around the country looking at costumes etc. This ends on July 11th and I'm hoping then things will slow down a little more so I can get back to my little space on the Internet (but knowing my life it'll probably end up being even more hectic!) 

I still love A Rose Like This and feel so much guilt that I've not been able to update anything like I once did but I haven't gone... and I will be back! 
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