Sunday, 14 December 2014

Retro Party Wear with Voodoo Vixen.

Penny Dress: c/o Voodoo Vixen. Anastasia Muff: Collectif. Hair Flower: Claireabella's Closet

My love for Voodoo Vixen knows no bounds and this is another fabulous piece from them! Probably one of the prettiest and well fitting dresses I've ever had. here I'm wearing a 3xl and with the stretch in the fabric it hugs my figure perfectly and is really comfortable. I actually wore this with a long sleeved black tee under for Clothes Show from 6.30 in the morning until 6.30 at night and I felt so discomfort at all. As with some repro dresses I find the fabrics can rub on my skins and irritate it or cut into my tummy when I sit down but this doesn't at all! 

The flocked lace overlay sets the beautiful green colour off perfectly and this is something I wouldn't initially pick up for myself on first glance but the more I see it (hanging pride of place on my wardrobe door at this moment in time) the more I adore it! The tie at the neck is also a darling feature so much so I genuinely don't think it needs a necklace or all that much jewellery at all. I decided to style it up with a flash of a red rose in my hair (to match my lipstick!) which I picked up from one of my favourite stands at The Vintage Suitcase fairs, I never seem to leave there empty handed! Finished the look with this darling hand muff, I've been after one of these for years and when Collectif popped this one in the sale I decided to snap it up! 

I really wish these photos were nicer as I don't think they show how stunning this dress really is. Unfortunately cold weather and wind were against me, I must find better places to take my photographs! 

I've seen some of the upcoming pieces for Voodoo Vixen and they're so stunning I can't wait for you to see!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Feeling Festive with Curvy Kate.

Bra and Short: c/o Curvy Kate. Top: Dorothy Perkins. Hair Accessories: Crown and Glory.

There I said it, I've fallen in love all over again with the fabulous Tease Me from Curvy Kate

I received one a couple of years ago and utterly adored it but my boobs grew and if I wore it now I'd get the dreaded boob overspill and I knew it was time for a upgrade so I was oh so happy when they brought this style back and the lovely ladies at Curvy Kate sent it across to me! I've only tried one other style from Curvy Kate which is the Daily Boost as I'd heard so many positives about it from bloggers and non bloggers alike but I have to say it's nothing compared to Tease me for my own shape anyway I would like to try some other styles just to see but I genuinely adore this one so much!

I was sent a 38E which the centre core of sits flush against me and I feel well upholstered but not restricted and uncomfortable which is a major plus in my book! Of course the bra itself is oh so pretty and I feel pretty in it which is the Rosie of years gone by would have never have thought would matter with underwear and lingerie but it genuinely does! I also got to try the Suspender Short in a UK20 and they fit really well and actually cover my bum which is something I find a rarity with pants in this day and age these also made me feel pretty and I look forward to trying some hold ups with these and one of my pretty vintage dresses, finally the festive part of this post is my lovely hair accessories from Crown and Glory, always have the cutest bits and bobs!

I will just say again how much I LOVE this bra and Curvy Kate in general. they are AMAZING.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

7 Things for my Bedroom Change.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Now winter is truly upon us (who else has noticed how it’s all of a sudden gone freezing? Normally I’m really warm blooded so don’t tend to notice but this year I have! Brrr!) I think it’s time for me to start taking a look at my little bedroom and see what I can do to make it feel more me. I’ve not had much changed in my room since I was about 16/17 so it’s time for a change and a drastic one at that! All my furniture is a mish-mash of random bits from an array of shops and it would be so lovely to include some of these Cookes Furniture pieces to bring my whole bedroom together in harmony. The sweet vintage aesthetics would work perfectly for what I have in mind for my little home improvements over the next year or so, unfortunately I just don’t have the space or time to drag everything out and start afresh so it will most likely be lots of little projects going on for months and months! 

Most of the time if I want a little room restyle I go for a new duvet cover and some cute cushions as well as other trinkets and frames I pick up all over the place and I have to say the range of pieces from the George Home range at Asda are oh so good! I’ve managed to get a number of lovely retro inspired duvet covers from them since the summer as well as some of the cutest and most fun cushions I’ve ever seen. The quality is also really good so I’m never disappointed as the images are always true to product you receive which is something that often doesn’t happen when it comes to home wares! Being a fashion design student I just couldn’t resist adding the lovely bust to my wish list as it would work perfectly with the pieces already in my bedroom and the R cushion is calling my name so much so that I may have made a rather cheeky order! 

What do you do when your room needs a little re-style?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Vintage Lovely with Voodoo Vixen.

Fances Cardigan: c/o Voodoo Vixen. Circle Skirt: Made by Me. Glasses: Jeepers Peepers.

Now as you all know I do have a little bit of a thing for the retro/vintage look. Sometimes I'll go all out and try and look as authentic as possible but most of the time I tend to mix something from one era with modern day style. I rarely wear true vintage and generally opt for reproduction as I vastly prefer the fabrics and the fit size wise is usually a little better however I often have to size up to a size 22 in repro brands for a little breathing room. A large number of vintage reproduction companies don't really offer anything over a UK20 but this is where Voodoo Vixen comes into play, they've recently launched their plus size range which currently caters for a UK24+ and I'm happy to say their fit is right on here I'm wearing the Frances cardigan in a 3xl which is around a UK20. I did find that the last two buttons were a struggle to do up but I think this is due to the knit that was used as it fits perfectly everywhere else!

This is one of the first pieces Voodoo Vixen has sent me to review and I'm over the moon with the quality, fit and over all style! I've got a rather stunning dress to show you next but I'm just waiting for a few final pieces to make the whole look perfect! I know they also have some utterly fabulous pieces coming out in the New Year so stay tuned! I finished the look with a skirt I made for myself during the summer and I'm so glad that with this cardigan it makes it a little more weather appropriate for this time of year and my cat eye glasses that I do actually need to see with.

What do you think of the new Voodoo Vixen plus size range what are your favourite pieces?

Friday, 14 November 2014

Stripes and Circle Skirts.

Top: Asos Curve. Skirt: made by me. Necklace: Topshop. Shoes: Evans.

The lovely Isha from An Autmns Grace snapped these for me very quickly after an event what seems like forever ago! And surprisingly I kind of love them, usually I'm pretty critical with the shots that make it on here but we were having such a giggle and I think that really shows! I know I've been a little quiet on the outfit posts front over the last month or so but I'm hoping that will soon change! I've decided even if it's just a quick phone selfie of an outfit if I love it I'll post it up on here for you all to see! 

This was worn for an event in London and on the train for hours (the first of which will be featured on the blog very soon!) I love this skirt and it still makes me extremely happy that if I can't find exactly what I'm after in the shops now I can just whip something up for myself! I wore a cheap petticoat from eBay under the skirt just to give it even more volume! Since these were taken I've had my hair cut to a shoulder length bob style as I'd gotten to the stage where I just needed it cutting drastically to breath some life back into my hair! The top is rather old from Asos Curve but something I surprisingly get a lot of wear from. However I did have to order it in a size above my usual so the arms are a little loose!

Don't ask me what's going on in the middle image, there was a worse one but my expression was even worse!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

La Dolce Vita Collection‏.

I was sent this Lookbook a few weeks ago and I just couldn't resist sharing it with you! I've decided to let the shots do the talking so I won't ramble too much! These are from the latest collection by Scarlett and Jo exclusively available at Evans and I just adore them! They ooze the most perfect classic retro feel which is something as you all know I really love! From the styling down the set there isn't one thing I'm not a fan of! My favourite piece is the lovely black floral midi dress with the mesh cutout by the neckline. perfect mix of a classic retro cut with a modern twist, of course the print is also extremely lovely. I just can't say no to a pretty floral!

As number of the pieces are already available on the Evans site and you can check them out here.
I'm looking forward to receiving one of the dresses in the post and seeing if I look as sophisticated in the number as well as seeing how it'll work with my own personal style!

You can also find Scarlett and Jo on Facebook and Twitter.
What is your favourite piece from the collection?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sweater Weather.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

It's finally that time of year where I raid my wardrobe for all the fine knits I have and usually end up buying more! I'm rarely a chunky knit kind of girl due to feeling like it bulks me up even more (though I do have a few exceptions to this rule in my wardrobe!) I also find the thicker knit means I get too warm so I find something fine that's easy to layer always works for me! So I decided to hunt down a few of my favourites from some stores I've always shopped with like Simply Be and new stores I've only just discovered like Esprit!

As you can see from the selection above apparently I have a thing for animal print! These pieces just caught my eye because the looked like the kind of garments that would work for being cosy at home as well as being warm but also relatively smart, this is something I always strive to be but rarely succeed with! Options 2 and 5 are just me having a little bit of fun, I adore the fluffy bubblegum pink but I just don't think it would be something I could pull off however it will firmly stay on my wishlist! This winter I'd also like to jump out of my comfort zone a little maybe not with colour but certainly with style. Number four is a loose polo neck style I always think polo necks in general look really chic and I can imagine them looking amazing with a circle skirt and brooch for that bit of vintage sparkle at Christmas but unfortunately I'm yet to feel comfortable wearing one for a period of time, so this would be my compromise to ease myself in to this style and shape. Finally I chose number 3 because JUST LOOK AT THE COLLAR, how pretty is that glitzy little neckline! Perfect for a party but still being comfortable and relatively warm at the same time! I'm sure I'm not the only one that always ends up getting a little chilly part way through an evening because I didn't want to have to carry a coat, so a fine knit jumper like this would be perfect!

So who else is ready to embrace Sweater Weather?

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Vintage Suitcase at Buxton!

The lovely Pin Up Curl made so many ladies look utterly wonderful! I was having major hat and hair envy!

 I tried to take an OOTD but my mum unfortunately couldn't hold my camera at a flattering angle at all when her arm was in a sling!
I'm wearing - Cardigan and Bag: Charity Shop. Tee: Evans. Circle Skirt: Made by Me.

This is quite a picture heavy post so I'm going to try and keep it as short and sweet as possible! I nearly ALWAYS attend The Vintage Suitcase fairs held around Derbyshire and Staffordshire but this is the first time I've actually featured any of them on the blog. They're one of my favourites to go to the lovely lady and team behind it really put their heart and soul into the whole thing and it really shows! From music playing as you're wandering around and an array of stands which are always varied and well displayed, so it's clear the traders love being part of it as much as the punters do!

I know they have lots of exciting things in the pipeline for 2015 so do keep your eyes peeled! You can find information for all dates from their website and facebook. However I do know that the next fair is "A Very Vintage Christmas at Uttoxeter Racecourse" which is a two day event spanning over a weekend on December the 6th and 7th. I know I'll definitely be attending with live bands and all manner of lovely bits and bobs happening. My parents also LOVE going along which means I never have to talk them into driving me as they want to go as much as I do!

Saturday, 1 November 2014


I'm having a HUGE BLOG SALE over on my facebook page! With lots of items still with tags on or just never worn. I'm wanting a quick turnaround so I can get everything posted out as soon as possible and free up some space in my life (and a few pennies in my pocket!)

All prices are extremely fair and majority are pretty low as I just want things out of my life and off to a better home! If they look creased it's probably because they are from be stored away for months on end.
All postage costs will be on each photo separately along with the price I'd like for it. Please do give me an offer and I'm happy to do a good deal if you're purchasing more than one piece!

All postage prices will be based on posting within the UK. If you're from overseas and wish to buy something I'm happy to post but of course it'll cost quite a lot more!

Just comment on the photos and it's a first come first serve basis, however I don't want to hold items for any longer than 24hours (and that's a complete max for me!)

Hoping to have sold and posted everything by the 4th or 5th of November!

If you haven't paid within 24 hours the garment will go onto the next person as I want a quick turn around!

You can find all my pieces over on or for the full album this direct link here.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Feeling Festive with George Home.

So now it's well and truly Autumn/Winter I thought it would be okay for me to mention all things festive and there is nothing I love more than to dress up my bedroom with a few seasonal trinkets. George Home has a massive array of goodies to behold this winter and one piece I know I'll definitely get my hands on if I can is the adorable Bambi cushion, though I'll probably have this out all year round. I absolutely love Bambi and deer figurines, in fact it's a bit of an obsession so this would be just perfect for me..*hint hint Santa!* The Let It Snow cushions also being equally as lovely and something that would bring some festive cheer without being OTT. The Hand Mirror ad Rocking Horse ornament are the sweetest things and would look perfect on my bookshelf to keep my deer and other treasures company.

Of course I just HAD to include the Christmas One Direction Duvet Cover how could I not! I may be a 21 year old but I'd still happily have this on my bed this year just for a good giggle! (And let's be honest there could be worse things than lying in bed with 1D!)

Have you seen anything that's taken your fancy in prep for the holiday season?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

All of these stars will guide us home. - Dear Kate Review.

Top: Matalan. Knickers and Bralet c/o Dear Kate.
Dear Kate are made by women for women, they are a new kind of underwear with a built-in breathable panel that will give women the confidence to take on the world! I love these, not only are they the most perfect colour but with the pretty lace detailing on the top but they also fit well, I'm wearing an XL which I would say certainly wouldn't fit anyone bigger than a UK 18/20 on the bottom as they're snug on me, however they do also have a plus size line which is called Queen Size (which I love by the way!) the Lookbook for this range is also fabulous I just love how they were shot and wish I could capture similar snaps! I was also sent the Ada Bralet which is utterly wonderful but far to low cut for me to be able to wear, however I've passed this onto a much smaller busted friend and she utterly loves it! The fabric is smooth and comfortable to the touch and doesn't irritate the skin at all (like a number of fabrics can.)

Another thing I LOVE about Dear Kate is their packaging! It's to die for! So quirky and adorable something I find makes the item extra special is when the packaging has been really thought out. As they say it's the little things. I finished the look with an over sized cute top and a lovely coral lip which is a little different to my usual red.
 What gives you the confidence to take on the world?

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dahlia Walk - Biddulph Grange Gardens.

A week or so ago my parents dragged me out of the house on a dreary Sunday afternoon to one of the more local National Trust places not far from where I live and normally I'd be getting my folks to snap an outfit shot or two of me while we're wandering around the array of themed gardens I just wasn't in the mood alas I'd had some sad news only a day before and I just wasn't in the frame of mind. However when we got to the Dahlia Walk I couldn't resist capturing a number of the flowers, the colours and shapes genuinely brightened me up a little and gave me some inspiration for creating skirts like the petals etc.

These were the last bloom for the flowers before Autmn and Winter truly decended and as you can see they're a little past their prime but still powering through as best they could. I do realise how deep and quite frankly emo that sounded, I feel like I've gone back in time to when I was 14 and oh so misunderstood! Anyway I'm hoping to get some more posts up shortly as I know I've been far to quiet in the last few months!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Do You Want Curves With That?!

                  "Do you want curves with that?" tee: Nicky Rockets. Bra: Elomi Bijou c/o Bras Galore.
                        Bottoms: Elomi Bijou Shorts c/o Bras Galore. (all available in nude and pansy)

In the past few years I've began to feel comfortable with who I am, mostly thanks to finding the world of blogging and discovering an array of clothing and discovering my personal style. Of course I still have my hiccups from time to time particularly when it comes to feeling like I'm okay in swimwear or underwear but I'm now a little older and (sometimes) wiser I'm finally beginning to feel good in all aspects of my style and shape. So I'm hoping to get more posts up like this as I think well fitting foundations can completely change the shape of a garment you're wearing.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Bras Garlore who were sweet enough to ask if I'd like to review anything from the site and of course I was completely spoilt for choice! I decided to go for something that I new I needed in my wardrobe which was a classic black bra. I choose this piece from Elomi not only because I know how fabulous there lingerie is already but also because it is functional as well as having pretty details like the bows and trim. I ordered a size 38E and a UK20 in the briefs and they all fit wonderfully!  The core sits flush against my chest in the right place and they're is no gaping on the cups but I also don't over spill them.I'd always recommend being fitted by someone prior to ordering online or having a go yourself so you can get the perfect style and shape for you. In the past I've found the ladies in Debenhems to be fabulous for fittings and listening properly to what you'd like. Ordering from Bras Galore was as easy as 1,2,3 as they're site has clear images along with it being relatively simply to navigate, they're also super helpful if you have any questions just pop them a tweet at @brasgalore and they'll be happy to help you!

I just wanted to quickly mention how FABULOUS Nicky Rockets tee's are! I now own four which I simply love to wear, this is one of the newer prints which I LOVE and thought would look awesome with this lingerie set. I finished the look with a slick of deep pink lip colour and a matching butterfly hair slide. I'd love to know what you think of the pieces and what are your favourites!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Camping Saviour with Equip+!

A few weeks ago I attended Twinwood Festival with work and camped, now I'm not one for camping if I'm honest... I can survive but it's not something I take great joy in (waking up in a damp sleeping bag from rolling into the tent walls is a mild nightmare) and though we did have nice showers they could end up full of moths etc and I actually felt cleaner using these fab wipes than I did getting into the shower. So these Equip+ wipes were a life saver!

I tried everything bar the shampoo cap while I was there, (as I had my hair in vintage styles the whole time and it's easier to do these actually on dirtier hair!) and for when showering is impossible or a pain in the bum these are perfect, I felt clean, fresh the whole weekend and they don't have that horrible feeling babywipes leave on your skin when used! I've also got dry and rather sensitive skin and these didn't upset my skin at all which also really surprised me as I tend to find similar things such as face wipes actually dry my skin out a lot and I found out the hard way while away and by the 4th day the skin on my face was in a right state! As as Girl Guiding leader and baby sitter I've also found these really handy for keeping in my bag when we go on little trips with my rainbow unit and when I'm baby sitting as someone always ends up either muddy or spilling something down them!

The guys over at Equip+ have been good enough to offer you my lovely readers the chance to win a set of their fabulous products to try for yourselves. All you need to do is enter below!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Stepping into AW with Rogers + Rogers at Matalan.

Dress: c/o Matalan. Scarf: Vintage. Shoes: c/o Bait Footwear (from work) Belt: Matalan.

This is an outfit I wore for a day out to Manchester visiting a gallery for research and a cheeky bit of shopping with one of my girls from my degree the lovely Jess. Unfortunately I didn't snap any while we were out because we were having too much fun I forgot, bad blogger! Anyway as soon as I got home I decided to swap my comfy flats for these adorable shoes from Bait Footwear which I received from work for some upcoming events. Now they have the most adorable vintage style shoes but unfortunately for my wide feet I find there equivalent to a UK size 6 is a little snug on my flipper feet but as they say fashion is pain! 

What I really want to talk about is this lovely Animal print swing dress from the Rogers + Rogers range from Matalan which I was sent to review which is from the AW14 collection. This season they've really upped the game and there is so many pieces I long to have in my wardrobe but I finally settled on this adorable number as I knew it would be something that would work really well in my wardrobe. That and I just can't say no to a fabulous print! I have a major love for swing dresses, they're so comfortable, can be belted for a different look and just a style I really enjoy to wear and this one is no different! Here I'm wearing a UK20 and I always find the Rogers + Rogers range to be true to size. Another thing I'm loving about them is that the range goes from a UK18 to UK30 and I know a number of other plus size ranges within other stores can often stop at a UK24.

Here are a few other pieces from the range that I've got my eye on! 

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Have you seen any pieces from the latest selection you'd love to add to your wardrobe?