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I have a very long answer for why I've been neglecting my little space of the internet so long but that will have to wait for another day and another post. Instead of being concerned as to whether anyone is reading or growing my following I've decided to go back to the roots of my blog where I posted a mix of creative work, outfits and music videos (new and old) I'd share with my opinions, so here we are. 

Jamie Lawson is someone I discovered in October 2014 prior to him having a record deal. He had known Ed Sheeran from the folk circuit way back when and Ed asked him on a whim to support his support act at Manchester Arena, less than a year later Jamie had a number one single and a record deal with Gingerbread Records. 

This is the first single from his third album (well third album he's released as a signed artist?) and he may not have grown to the global success of Sheeran but his music is from deep in his soul and you can hear that throughout every lyric. I took my dad to his tour back in 2016 for his first album and my dad said it was bit depressing (which some of the songs can be and yes I've now had at least a few tears each time I've seen him live)

I'm going to leave you with the opening verse because yeah. Just listen. 

If I ask too many questions
It's cause I can't quite comprehend
How my soul's in your possession
How in the world it all makes sense
Is there any explanation
How you're always in my head
Why does my heart beat irregular rhythm
Could it be the touch that your hands keep giving

Your love this the answer.

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