Friday, 29 June 2012

Curvy Kate.

This is my first Curvy Kate review and my first ever piece from Curvy Kate and lets just say I'm in love! The colour and how cute the over all look of the lingerie itself is just to die for. This is the blurb from the site.

"Soft vintage shades are given a colour injection in the latest Tease Me collection. Sweet bows and pretty top cup ribbon compliment the girly summer colours. Fully adjustable straps."They come in sizes 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG, 38 D-G for the Bras and sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 in the thong and shorts.

I'm wearing the bra in a 38DD and the shorts in a size 20 (which you can't see because I didn't want that splashed across the blog!) Now as much as I love this set I do have a minor problem in my opinion the cups are a little small and I'd feel much better in a 38 E just to ensure nothing will fall out! I have worn it a lot though and find it really comfortable to wear and whats even better it stays in place when I often wear a bra it rolls up on my back fat (lovely I know) but with this bra it doesn't at all so theres no unslightly back rolls on show through my tops which is brilliant.

I genuinely love this set, and would reccomend Curvy Kate for anyone who wants a cute but wearable and well fitting lingier set this is where I'd go for it. Next time I try Curvy Kate I'll try a cup size up to see if its much of a difference. You can buy Curvy Kate at a variety of places!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ombre Again.

Hey guys so I've bleached my hair again and after the positive response on my last post I thought I'd show you the photographic proof of how I got on the second time round. I also included a image of the products I use so you can all get an idea of what I use and how.

I used a similar technique as last time which was sectioning off my hair into small pigtails on either side. I then put the bleach on roughly up to the elastic and covered in foil, after about twenty minutes I cut the elastics out being careful not to cut any of my actual hair and layered more bleach over and put new foils in. This was then probably left for another 30 minutes with more bleach added to create a slightly gradual effect. I have to say it doesn't say to leave it on this long but from my experience last time and youtube videos I've watched it needs a lot longer on your hair than what is stated. I also left it on longer to achieve and lighter shade as last time it was more golden than blonde.

Eventually I'm going to possibly put some turquioise onto the ends because its the one colour I've actually never had! So what do you think? Would you try something like this yourself or is it just something you'd rather leave to the hair dressers?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


This is just a quick post to prove I'm still very much alive I don't think I've left it this long between posts in a very long time! I am ever so sorry I've just been insanely busy or ill, I started my 2 weeks at Simply Be last week but ended up with a stomach virus meaning I only did one day, I was heartbroken to say the least and I'm still really bad now but getting in at the doctors is a complete pain! I'm onto my second week there now and though I've only done one day so far I'm loving it and hope to go back again after July and do some more. The reason I didn't start yesterday was due to my bank account being hacked, yes there is a lot of drama in my life at the moment, none of which I particularly wanted!

I thought I'd leave you with a remotely recent picture of my face and my new(ish) haircut. Just so you don't forget what I look like. Regular blogging with resume as soon as possible as I have so much to blog about and review for you, so I hope your looking forward to that!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Row B, Victoria Baths.

Finally updating again, sorry I've not been brilliant lately I've been struggling without a tripod or photographer but now for the time being both are back in my life once again. These pictures were taken at Victoria Baths in Manchester I posted about them once before almost a year ago when I visited a vintage fair in one of the rooms. This time round it was Vintage Home wares but I did come back with a rather lovely scarf, which will most likely be in a post sooner or later.

I've stretched the top picture so it's the same width as the others which means its come out slightly fuzzy, I'm still trying to change how I get my pictures but its a work in progress! So I'll tell you what I'm wearing shall I? The Dress is Primark and I own 2 of these and 2 in a stripe as well, they are my all time staple at the moment and I really hope Primark bring it out in black as well then it would be perfect! The scarf was from another Vintage Fair. The leggings are Matalan and the shoes are Evans as always. My bag on the floor by my feet is also a recent charity shop find and I am in love with it, not to big or small with lots of compartments for me to fill with rubbish it's perfect. You may of also noticed that I've had my haircut and its quite a bit shorter than it was and my lovely hairdresser also basically cut all my ombre off (she wasn't overly impressed on the condition due to my home bleaching job and lack of conditioning) and I really miss it! I'm actually very tempted to whack out the hair bleach tomorrow and redo it as I feel so much better with it in.

The title of this post is taken from the second photograph from the bottom because that was the row I was sitting on looking down into the now empty pool. I find all the stain glass windows, tiling and pieces really inspiring for patterns and colour. I also just love sitting here and thinking about all the time that's gone by and the people who used to use it, I can completely imagine a group of girls gossiping about something in one of the stalls during the late fifties, maybe that's just me. In case you can't see the quote which was one the tile its says "It was 1937 that they allowed men to wear trunks, I was pleased to have trunks." - Wilfred Hoyle. The reason I showed you this was because of what my dad said after reading it he basically questioned if they wore anything to swim in before that time and yes that is him and me with out face sticking out of the picture board. I'd like to just state that he knows they did before you think anything!

Tomorrow I'm going to try and be productive and get some pictures done for posts and reviews instead of sitting in all day watching Sex and the City because starting from Tuesday I'm the work experience girl at Simply Be, super excited! I'm there for 2 weeks!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ed Sheeran, Jubilee Concert.

I know, I know basically every post music related I write up on here is Ed Sheeran but honestly this was one of the best acts of the whole concert (and I may have the slightest crush on him) The clearest voice and the most beautiful done. I'd like to think his fellow ginger prince harry may of even shed a tear. I have a confession while I'm at it I did in fact cry during this performance, honestly I dread to think what I'll be like when I see him in November, I think that its because I know what a lot of the songs are about and what the lyrics truly mean that I understand or have a connection to them. God I realise how ridiculous I sound there, do apologise!

Is it just me or do you also think that Ed's mum may of told him to dress up for the Queen so he ironed a shirt and shoved it on over his normal clothes? I also noticed that he'd had a shave for a change so he did actually look more 12 than 21 but that's just me being a little bit more observant than you more normal folks! Anyway I digress but just give it a listen its really lovely and slightly amusing that he sang a song about heroin to Queenie herself! One day I fear I'll never get to work with Ed because of my posts on here, I also worry that he may of read what I've written about him but never mind!

Friday, 1 June 2012

And The Love(drobe) Kick Starts Again.

Tunic: c/o Lovedrobe. Leggings,Vest, Stupidly high heels: Matalan. Jewelry: Dorothy Perkins and eBay.

I got sent this vibrant tunic style top from the lovely Leanne from Lovedrobe this is now available as far as I'm aware. Lovedrobe currently stocked in Evans, New Look and House of Fraser, I only knew about the first two! There sister brand Koko By Koko can also be found in these stores and online. These pictures are the best of a bad bunch, my photographer was rushing so half ended up with my eyes closed or some form of weird facial expression. Though over all I quite like how these worked out in the end so I'm happy.

So lets start with how lovely the colours are along with the print! I'm a sucker for this kind of scarf print so when I saw it on the selection of sample I knew this had to be one I tried. The sheer fabric drapes beautiful on the body, though what I find with Lovedrobe is that I need to size up so this is in a 22 and the buttons don't gape or anything. The detailing on the back is just to die for, I love a bit of crochet and this just adds interest. If I wore this out I'd wear my hair up to show it off, when I showed this to my mum she thought I'd got it on back to front because of how pretty the back was! I styled this with just leggings and a vest but I also think it would look really cute paired with a body con skirt or even over a basic dress. I am loving Lovedrobe at the moment everything is just colour and vibrant, perfect for summer!

As the dress has a fair bit of detail and a busy print I didn't want to over do it with loads of jewelry, So I added some of my latest rings. The silver double ring and chain are from Dorothy Perkins and the eye bracelet and attached ring were from eBay and I'm obsessed with it I may have to buy another ready for if and when this one falls apart, I also get loads of people commenting on it! And yes those are the stupidly high heels I bought from Matalan thinking I'd be able to teach myself to walk in them, unfortunately I'm still like Bambi learning.......on ice.