And The Love(drobe) Kick Starts Again.


Tunic: c/o Lovedrobe. Leggings,Vest, Stupidly high heels: Matalan. Jewelry: Dorothy Perkins and eBay.

I got sent this vibrant tunic style top from the lovely Leanne from Lovedrobe this is now available as far as I'm aware. Lovedrobe currently stocked in Evans, New Look and House of Fraser, I only knew about the first two! There sister brand Koko By Koko can also be found in these stores and online. These pictures are the best of a bad bunch, my photographer was rushing so half ended up with my eyes closed or some form of weird facial expression. Though over all I quite like how these worked out in the end so I'm happy.

So lets start with how lovely the colours are along with the print! I'm a sucker for this kind of scarf print so when I saw it on the selection of sample I knew this had to be one I tried. The sheer fabric drapes beautiful on the body, though what I find with Lovedrobe is that I need to size up so this is in a 22 and the buttons don't gape or anything. The detailing on the back is just to die for, I love a bit of crochet and this just adds interest. If I wore this out I'd wear my hair up to show it off, when I showed this to my mum she thought I'd got it on back to front because of how pretty the back was! I styled this with just leggings and a vest but I also think it would look really cute paired with a body con skirt or even over a basic dress. I am loving Lovedrobe at the moment everything is just colour and vibrant, perfect for summer!

As the dress has a fair bit of detail and a busy print I didn't want to over do it with loads of jewelry, So I added some of my latest rings. The silver double ring and chain are from Dorothy Perkins and the eye bracelet and attached ring were from eBay and I'm obsessed with it I may have to buy another ready for if and when this one falls apart, I also get loads of people commenting on it! And yes those are the stupidly high heels I bought from Matalan thinking I'd be able to teach myself to walk in them, unfortunately I'm still like Bambi learning.......on ice.

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  1. I love lovedrobe, I have had a couple of lovely tops in the past :)

  2. love the heels!
    the top is great, lovely colours :)
    Rosie xo

  3. Great dress, it looks lovely on you. Love the heels as well xx

  4. love the swooshy photo :) fab print x

  5. Really a vibrant top looks great on you!


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