Ed Sheeran, Jubilee Concert.

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I know, I know basically every post music related I write up on here is Ed Sheeran but honestly this was one of the best acts of the whole concert (and I may have the slightest crush on him) The clearest voice and the most beautiful done. I'd like to think his fellow ginger prince harry may of even shed a tear. I have a confession while I'm at it I did in fact cry during this performance, honestly I dread to think what I'll be like when I see him in November, I think that its because I know what a lot of the songs are about and what the lyrics truly mean that I understand or have a connection to them. God I realise how ridiculous I sound there, do apologise!

Is it just me or do you also think that Ed's mum may of told him to dress up for the Queen so he ironed a shirt and shoved it on over his normal clothes? I also noticed that he'd had a shave for a change so he did actually look more 12 than 21 but that's just me being a little bit more observant than you more normal folks! Anyway I digress but just give it a listen its really lovely and slightly amusing that he sang a song about heroin to Queenie herself! One day I fear I'll never get to work with Ed because of my posts on here, I also worry that he may of read what I've written about him but never mind!
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