Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday Mugshot, Week 7.

1.HAPPPY HALLOOOOWEEEENN, though actually I'm not keen on it at all, I don't mind dressing as a goth or anything like that (believe me I had the phase of trying to when I was about 11) I just hate the scary masks and stuff like that. Anyway the picture above is me getting into the spooky mood which actually means donning my twilight lip venom team edward top and fangs necklace.

2.Uni is blagging my head at the moment... its the know one actually telling how to do anything I mean I know I'm supposed to do it all myself and be a grown up but its my first briefs I need some kind of direction when it comes to my work!

3. Cannot believe its november already, soon it'll be christmas!!! Yes I am the type of person that starts playing christmas music as soon as halloween is over in fact I've already whacked the playlist out in the car with my mum last weekend.

4. And finally I think I'm seeing S Club live on thursday night.. and I was excited until I found out it was fancy dress and I have nothing that resembles school uniform with me at all. Its also only 3 of the band Jo, Bradley and Paul ( who if anyone recalls actually left the band BEFORE they split up... tut tut) well thats all for this week hopefully I'll get some outfit posts up too if my photoshop and weaving briefs don't kill me first!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Strawberries taste how lips do.

The title of this post relates to another ever so lovely song by Ed Sheeran called Little Bird really do YouTube it and have a listen! And yes here I am finally with and outfit post, which isn't exactly brilliant considering this my all time favourite skirt and at some point today the button popped off and I have no clue as to where it or the original is, looks like I'll be safety pinning it in the future.

Anyway on to what I'm wearing, the blouse and skirt are both from Dorothy Perkins and the skirt I've basically been wearing none stop since I bought it in June I'm hoping it'll keep me going well into the colder months! My cardigan is from a charity shop in my local town and has some really cute detailing embossed down the sides where the buttons and button holes are. The tights that are just seen are from Peacocks last year and I wore them from October right up until march and there still going strong as well as being pretty warm and comfy!

Time to talk about my minimal jewelry and make up. The necklace I bought recently from Primark and I've had lots of comments from people telling me how nice it is and whether it was vintage or not, so it must look more expensive than the pound it cost me, I also got some earrings which are the same style though I do not plan to wear them together! My lipstick is Kate Moss for Rimmel in 02 and its probably the brightest colour I own so I tend to keep the rest of my make up pretty bland so I don't look OTT. I'm also getting into nail art a lot more though all I can really do is dots right now but I'm happy with that.

Now I have found a remotely okay place within my room to take pictures I hope to get more up soon! Have any of your bought into the Kate Moss lipsticks?

Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday Mugshot, Week 6.

1. Yes here is another Monday Mugshot its the only post I seem to be keeping up with, I know recently outfit posts have been few and far between but hopefully I can try and get back up to speed with them soon!

2.My two friend from home were over Friday/Saturday last week and lets just say I got really extremely merry and woke up one of my flatmates up screaming to one direction very loudly at 2am, as well as showing all the boys I can just about down a pint which is ever so classy and yes I did regret it later. But seriously it was so nice to go out with my girls from uni and home together and finally meeting all the boys was lovely as well honestly everyone I've become friends with are so nice, I couldn't asked for better!

3. This may sound really sad but my mums coming up at the end of the week to spend a day with me so we can go around the city and look at the museum and everything because I've been wanting to do it for awhile but couldn't get anyone to come, so my mum offered to while shes off work for half term! I'm hoping to impress her with how well I sort of know my way around!

4. I'm actually going to beg with a few of you now, if your any good on photoshop I may need your desperate help I have a project in soon and I'm really struggling with it! Just nothing seems to be sinking in and I really feel like I'm drowning in the class instead of managing to keep my head above the water if you catch my drift? (see what I did there? haha)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lego House.

Okay I know that the last few music video's I've posted have all been Ed Sheeran but its just because hes so amazing! And this video is the best think I've ever seen, this song I already knew the words to because I pre-ordered the album and got it as soon as it came out ( which I still need to blog about because it's really quiet special!) but that really doesn't matter because you cannot get bored with any of Ed's songs as you always hear something different, the lyrics are always clever and witty and generally beautiful.

Now If you've not noticed by now it's not Ed in the majority of the video it is in fact the other ginger in my life Ruper Grint now I knew a few weeks ago that Rupert was going to be involved in something with Ed and I was so unashamedly excited about it because what more could I ask for my two favourite gingers together (other than lily on of my best friends!) Anyway now I'm over the fact Rupert's in it I just want to say how genius this video actually is. I love that Ed is never the "star" of any of his videos the focus is always on a character or something.

Right well I don't really want to ramble much more but Rupert is HILARIOUS and the ending is just beautiful I may of even had a tear in my eye! Watch this and tell me what you think about the boys working together or the song.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Monday Mugshot, Week 5.

1. I couldn't decide on just one picture tonight. I like the bottom one but just something doesn't seem right with my face? I think its the half smile going on or maybe the lipstick, oh well.

2. My work load is increasing all of a sudden, which I wouldn't mind if I wasn't so worried about doing it wrong! So hopefully after I've finished this post |I'll crack on with typing all my many notes up and start my research for my new project which I'm looking forward to do though it does look like a fair amount of work! I could really do with a printer, so annoyed that I forgot to bring mine last time I was home.

3. Its finally suddenly becoming colder which I love! Time for lots of outfit posts involving jumpers and knits and everything cozy. Though I do seem to be having issues with outfit pictures my only decent blank wall I have is if I stand on my bed and balance my camera on the shelf opposite with it zoomed in slightly which is fine but then its a bit hit and miss on how the pictures come out. I will post them though because I miss doing current outfit posts!

4. I get to see two of my friends next weekend! there coming up for my uni open day and I'm really looking forward to it.. even though they want to go out and i really don't know anywhere to go to be quiet honest but never mind! It'll just be nice to seem them then there going back on Saturday afternoon so I'm hitching a lift to go home and get stuff for my project and to do a whole lot of washing!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nails, nails, nails.

These are just a few pictures of my ail art attempts I've collected over the last week or so. I'm finding it hard to blog at uni at the moment but only because I can't find anywhere to take my outfit pictures and at the moment I'm having to use the mirror so eventually I will post them up even though I'm not totally happy with them!

I bought a Andrew Fulerton Dot and Flick from superdrug during my freshers week and I've been playing with it since! One of these images is also some Barry M nail effects crackle I now own a black and white of this and tend to wear with alternate colours under neath.. so I'd have white crackle on a black nail and vice versa. After reading some of LLYMLRS posts over nail art has got me really excited to try more, including browsing eBay for all manner of goodies!

If any of you fancy seeing some of my attempts at tutorials just let me know? I hope I will be posting better in the coming weeks!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday Mugshot, Week 4.

1. Just me here wearing my new lipstick after what feels like a very long day at uni. The lippie itself is one of Kate Mosses new ones for Rimmel I actually bought two of them a deep pinky colour and a more wearable coral I'm now planning on buying the red from the collection as I love the colours and how well they seem to stay so far.

2. Finally beginning to feel ever so slightly more settled at uni now, classes are starting I have more of a routine and a nice little group of friends. The weeks don't seem to drag quite the same as that first week did which is good I guess.

3. It seems to be cooling down again!!! I can wear a jumper without dying... though as always I seem to be the one melting in my lectures and seminars? I think I must just have a ridiculous high body temperature all the time! but its definitely more long sleeved weather than vests now, which in my opinion is bloody good news.

4. I need to get back into outfit posting and such more! I have a few little bits to show you I just have the issue of finding somewhere to take them, I've managed to half drag in one of my new friends called Nicola to take my pictures ( with her fancy pants camera, which she offered to use) but until then I may have to do it in my mirror!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Midi.

Here is a little outfit I did before I left for uni, I've been meaning to post these for ages but I lost them in a a folder somewhere on my laptop but now finally found here they are. A few weeks ago I was trawling my usual charity shops and found a rail with all vintage skirts and shirts on generally all being over a size 18 so they were obviously marked cheaper than smaller sized vintage and I picked this skirt up while I was there, once I've worn my other skirts I'll get some pictures up too!

Now I really wanted to try out the midi trend but wasn't sure if it really was for me, but as I'm 5.2 its virtually impossible for me to wear maxis and there just not my style. But midis I think midis work for me, they don't flash my granny pants... there not at the awkward knee level either, I really think I will try more out! This is whats great about charity shops this skirt was only £4 when I could of spent triple that amount on one on the high street and never of worn it. My jewelery were both gifted pieces the R ring was from my helper at college as a goodbye and the necklace is off one of my best friends and she gave it to me before I came to uni as shes doing it all living from home and I'm well not.

Now here in Leicester the weather has finally cooled down its actually jumper weather and I'm so happy about it! In fact I went out into the centre today and splurged on a big cardigan in Primark and I can't wait to finally wear it with knitted tights and all things snugly. You know what I'm even excited for SNOW AND CHRISTMAS not that I've got to the point were I'm listening to Christmas music....yet.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday Mugshot, Week 3.

1. I've now started properly at uni and I've already missed one session because I've caught the flu and I can't even use the excuse that its freshers flu! It's just hit me really hard and I'm yet to have my flu jab so its completely knocked me out for six. The image above is what I've been consuming since Friday night obviously not all at once!

2. I did my presentation of my summer project today it went okay other than my uncontrollable temperature at the time, I think my new tutors had guessed I wasn't well....

3. Yet again I'm planning on going home at the weekend but its nice to know I have Fridays off so hopefully I can get my lovely dad to pick me up on Thursday night. Even though I went home last weekend and I have a feeling I caught the flu off my folks.

4. Is it just me or can anyone else not wait for the cold weather! I swear I've never looked forward to it so much in my life! 20+ degrees in October who ever decides on our weather is seriously messing with us!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Me and my Cousin

This is just a little filler of a post while I'm full of cold which I caught while I came home for the weekend from uni, TYPICAL. It's really annoyed me because I've not even started my course properly yet but I can't call it freshers flu because well I didn't really do anything massively freshery?

These pictures were taken during "the summer" the second time my cousin stayed with us while on her visit from New Zealand. My mum took the pictures while we were at a local garden centre we used to love playing in my old Wendy house and we just couldn't resist doing it again even though were both now 18!

Its still taking me a bit of time to still really settle in at uni so I'm unsure as to how much blogging I'll get to do! I have some lovely shots my brother took somewhere on my laptop, so once I find them they will be going up!