Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Strawberries taste how lips do.

The title of this post relates to another ever so lovely song by Ed Sheeran called Little Bird really do YouTube it and have a listen! And yes here I am finally with and outfit post, which isn't exactly brilliant considering this my all time favourite skirt and at some point today the button popped off and I have no clue as to where it or the original is, looks like I'll be safety pinning it in the future.

Anyway on to what I'm wearing, the blouse and skirt are both from Dorothy Perkins and the skirt I've basically been wearing none stop since I bought it in June I'm hoping it'll keep me going well into the colder months! My cardigan is from a charity shop in my local town and has some really cute detailing embossed down the sides where the buttons and button holes are. The tights that are just seen are from Peacocks last year and I wore them from October right up until march and there still going strong as well as being pretty warm and comfy!

Time to talk about my minimal jewelry and make up. The necklace I bought recently from Primark and I've had lots of comments from people telling me how nice it is and whether it was vintage or not, so it must look more expensive than the pound it cost me, I also got some earrings which are the same style though I do not plan to wear them together! My lipstick is Kate Moss for Rimmel in 02 and its probably the brightest colour I own so I tend to keep the rest of my make up pretty bland so I don't look OTT. I'm also getting into nail art a lot more though all I can really do is dots right now but I'm happy with that.

Now I have found a remotely okay place within my room to take pictures I hope to get more up soon! Have any of your bought into the Kate Moss lipsticks?


  1. dotty p love!<3 very cute outfit and the brighter lipstick suits you well. ^^d

  2. That skirt is from Dotty P? Wow I thought it was vintage! Very chic. Jen x

  3. Love your necklace !
    I agree with Jen the skirt does look very vintage :)

  4. I love your lipstick, it's so gorgeous. xx

  5. you look super cute! I love this outfit! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  6. Love the bright pink on you x

  7. LOVING the lipstick colour on you! xx


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