Nails, nails, nails.


These are just a few pictures of my ail art attempts I've collected over the last week or so. I'm finding it hard to blog at uni at the moment but only because I can't find anywhere to take my outfit pictures and at the moment I'm having to use the mirror so eventually I will post them up even though I'm not totally happy with them!

I bought a Andrew Fulerton Dot and Flick from superdrug during my freshers week and I've been playing with it since! One of these images is also some Barry M nail effects crackle I now own a black and white of this and tend to wear with alternate colours under neath.. so I'd have white crackle on a black nail and vice versa. After reading some of LLYMLRS posts over nail art has got me really excited to try more, including browsing eBay for all manner of goodies!

If any of you fancy seeing some of my attempts at tutorials just let me know? I hope I will be posting better in the coming weeks!
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  1. I'd love to see some more nail art. I'm always blogging about nail art myself and its great to see other peoples designs. I've bought lots of nail art pens from ebay for really really cheap and they work brilliantly x

  2. like to see you using your time wisely at uni :)

  3. in my defence 2 of these were from when i was home or before i started :P haha x


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