Monday, 30 July 2012


I just wanted to show you all these lovely cakes I iced two weeks ago for our last night at rainbows until the summer holidays! We had two of the girls leaving for brownies so it was also there pot of gold party to. In case I haven't mentioned it on the blog before when I'm at home I help my mum with her Rainbows unit as a trainee leader, I've gone through every section in the Girl Guiding movement and its something that I know I wouldn't be the person I am today without it, whether that's good or bad I'm yet to decide!

My mum bought this cake stand and it was awful just after I took these pictures the leg under decided to buckle under the weight of the cakes and rip, just generally it was really rubbish. My mums offered to buy me a proper one because I really enjoyed icing the cakes and found it oddly therapeutic. I'm actually contemplating doing some posts in the future of my guiding uniform and stuff we do as I fell were sometimes forgotten and its something that when I'm home I tend to wear on a weekly basis! Would you be interested on seeing my different uniforms I have worn and do wear for Girl Guiding UK?

Saturday, 28 July 2012

In the garden.

Skirt: Matalan. Top: Dorothy Perkins. Necklace/Sunglasses: Primark. Bag: Vintage. Shoes: Evans.

My brother snapped these for me before he went to stay at his girlfriends in Kent for a week or so. Alas I am now down a photographer and a really good camera, you'll have to put up with my rubbish digital and a tripod just like the good old days! I'm still hauled up ill with well whatever is wrong with me and its generally starting to really get me down. I'm hoping the new tablets I've been given will kick in before I go on holiday next week otherwise the 2 hour train journey will be hell!

So my mum bought me this skirt a few months back when we were shopping in Matalan because I loved the colours and haven't had a decent summery outfit for quite a few years! I utterly adore the print and the high waistband as its my favourite style on skirts as I always wear them virtually right under my boobs anyway! I don't have enough very basic pieces I have a few t-shirts but that's all this is one of them but it's gone super gross due to how old it is, so I should really invest in some new bits. This necklace is from my primark haul from a few weeks back so far its given so many clothes out of my wardrobe a new lease of life. I added a little more to my make up than normal, only a flick of liquid liner mind! my hairs tied up due to the warm weather and that its starting to grow out!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Currently Coveting.

Lovedrobe Kaleidoscope Print Tunic was £30.00 now £15.00

If you've been reading my blog for the last six months or so you may of noticed a slight obsession of me wearing a lot of shirts or collared styles dresses and tops, the original crisp style of this look is what originally got the inspired juices flowing but I've branched out into vivid prints and patterns where this lovely little piece comes in. Now I'm not one for a lot of colour I actually tend to wear a large amount of black but I'm getting out of that now and when I wear or get black pieces I'm not loving them like I used to which can only be a good thing!

My mum's even encouraged me to purchase this, so its clearly a sign I should! When I imagine how this would work in a whole look (please don't say I'm the only one who does this?) I'd pair it with just my trusty black leggings my new flatforms or flats (which I hope to show you ASAP) and a massive over sized clutch I bought from Simply Be but have yet to use! as it would pull all the colours together and in my head look awesome. I'd probably wear it buttoned all the way up unless it cuts off my breathing when I do, then probably put a necklace under the collar to bring even more interest to the shirt itself. You can buy this from either Evans or Style369 I think and they also have the 20/12 discount on top at the moment so this shirt would actually be £1.80 cheaper!

Well now I feel I've completely talked myself into buying this. I have a really lovely outfit post coming up for you this week, I can't wait to post it!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cassius it's over you're second best.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins. Flatforms/Necklace: Primark. Lace Blouse: Charity Shop. Leggings: Matalan.

This is what I wore last night to my brothers "Through the Grapevine" night which happens at a local cafe/bar. We had a live act performing for the first time and they were pretty awesome and just my type of music and not to painful to look at and that always helps! I'll hopefully get some pictures up of them performing soon so you can see for yourselves.

Overall I tend to always choose comfort over style because well I was standing up most of the night as I'm normally on the door as I know all the underagers and you don't mess with me! So like usual I'm sporting my trusty leggings which I can't live without I wear them under everything! In fact is it wrong to say I feel naked without them on? Though I wanted to also wear my new flatforms which you saw in my previous outfit post and I am currently obsessed with so by the end of the night they were pinching on my toes a little but other than that there pretty damn comfy. The Blouse I've had for years but never really worn but I love how it looks over the dress, which I've been layering under a number of jumpers and tops just so the collar is seen. I added detail with the necklace which was from my Primark haul last week. Its perfect for under collars to create a bit more interest and style to the finished look.

These were taken at the end of the night so my make up and hair was more gruesome than groomed. I wore a pink/red lipliner with balm over to create a coloured stain on my lips and fully did my face as generally I only use concealer and powder but yesterday I bought some decent make up brushes in the hope that by using them my skin may improve or at the very least my foundation (when I wear it) looks better. I'd also bought new foundation that day and blusher unfortunately the foundation is a little darker than what I'm used to, but probably works better for my slightly sunned face. I'm also yet again in need of a hair cut but thankfully not because my ombre has gone horrid and dry again, I'm so happy at how soft it is I'm thinking of doing a post on what I use would anyone want to read it? Oh finally incase you were wondering where my title came from my brother played the foals last night and its been stuck in my head since!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sky Ride Manchester.

Sorry this is a very picture heavy post but I could of put even more up! Last weekend I was invited by the lovely people of Sky to attend the Sky Ride in Manchester to what I dragged the lovely Dani from a blog from blackpool to as I didn't want to do it alone. We were kindly given bikes for the route though we didn't manage to do it all as we had to be back in time to hand the bikes over and meet and have a chat with the lovely Kelly Brook! I will admit from all the people around her she seems a little high maintenance but as soon as she hopped up on a stool at our table and started chatting she was utterly lovely and was genuinely interested in our blogs and what we did, which was clearly pretty awesome. After awhile chatting we had to be cut short but not before we'd all got pictures with her and just in case your wondering she's as fit in real life as she is in magazines.

The top image is me seeing how big my lungs are compared to the Sky man (who I was totally in love with, I blame his Scottish accent). The second image being of two guys who were dancing with a boom box to lets get physical at the half way point, got to say they were hilarious and definitely brightened the ride! Now this guy on the bike was our favourite out of all the BMXers they were very talented and obviously not to hard on the eye either. Of course me and Dani somehow managed to get silly pictures with a few people including Mr Womble. now Dani knows I hate things dressed up but because I could see his face it didn't freak me out the same... until he started patting my head. We also got a poor dad to take a snap of our heads in the holes to have the bodies of some of the Olympic cyclists. After me and Dani had wandered around (and met up with my dad who had kindly taken me then decided to join the ride!) we went to get out faces painted because we'd seen some kids with it an it looked amazing, so I'm going to put another post up later in the week of that!

Over all it was a truly amazing day and considering I wouldn't say I like riding a bike as I think the last time I actually did I probably was about 15/16 I didn't do to badly and surprisingly I really enjoyed myself, it's a really cool way to see the city specially as there's not any cars around. Dani has also written about the day with a lot more detail than me so check out her blog here. I'd like to mention a big thank you to Sky for asking me along and I'm definitely going to do it again! You can check out Sky Rides official page here and see when the next ones are on, I'm thinking of doing the August ride through Leicester so I can see places of the city I probably never have before.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Collars and Colour.

Dress: c/o AX Paris. Tights: We Love Colors (from Plus North Goodie Bag). Flatforms, Bag: Primark.

So this post is a mix of pieces I've been gifted and new purchases I got today when I finally had my Primark fix (which I've been desperate to get for months!) Where the shoes and the bag have come from I 'll show you some of the other stuff I got in future posts. I actually went to Manchester with my brother who had an interview at a media company for some experience and as I know Manchester slightly better than him I thought I'd tag along partly because I'm a brilliant sister and partly because I was in some serious need of shopping.

I got sent this dress by the lovely people from AX Paris and what originally drew me to this was the adorable lace detailing and of course the peter pan collar. As much as I do love it I just feel that this isn't my style anymore, not how black and white used to be anyway. I also find the collar to be a little to over sized for my liking. I thought I'd brighten up this otherwise dark outfit with minty accents, these are the first tights from We Love Colors I've ever tried but I have always wanted to, so thanks to Plus North for popping them in our goodie bags! This is possibly a colour I wouldn't originally choose for myself but I seriously love it though they do tend to do a little nora battie on my ankles! I have been frantically searching for some form of flatforms and I'm so glad to have found these beauts in the Primark wide fit section, I don't know how long they'll last but I love them all the same.

From looking at these pictures I do really think I'm in need of at least a fringe trim, if not an actual haircut! I bought some touch of silver treatment shampoo today to try and brighten my ombre as its getting a bit brassy on the ends!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ultimate Holiday Hair GHD Style.

This summer I'm staying in this country for my holiday (as I do every year) but I wouldn't have it any other way! So I may not be in 40 degree heat which means I can play around with my hair with styling tools a little longer before I melt from the heat and when I'm away I also like to wear more hair accessories and be a little more adventurous than I probably usually am when I'm just in my hometown. I was told about this competition by Best British Bloggers and as I'm always playing around with my hair in the comfort of my own bedroom I thought I'd go for it!

My holiday hair doesn't take much and you can chop and change steps depending on your hair at that given moment in time. For this I washed my hair and added some texturising spray to my damp hair along with serum which I swear by for my bleached ends and rough dried my hair with a dryer to add some texture and movement through it. After this I built up the shape with curling random pieces with a mixture of straighteners and a curling wand. I love having beachy waves in my hair as gives a more natural volumised look to just backcombing perfectly straight hair.

After waving and texturising my hair I pulled a section from the side of my head across the centre making sure there was volume within the hair by using either dry shampoo or a root lifting solution. I plaited from the middle to behind my ear and secured the hair by crossing over 2 bobby pins and covering my hair in a light mist of hairspray and scrunched to keep the texture then cover in shine spray. Finally I added the 2 butterfly hair pieces to make it fun and add something a little different to a quite traditional style.

The GHD products I would of used for this style:

. Gold Classic Styler
. The Air Hair Dryer
. Final Fix Hairspray
. Shine Spray

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Plus North.

These are just a few pictures from Plus North from Saturday (all taken by Simply Be as I totally forgot to snap any!) and yes that is me in my undies you could say I was super brave or super crazy but most likely a mixture of both! The day itself was amazing even though I wasn't feeling brilliant. It was held in Leeds at a seriously wonderful venue called Aspire, I travelled with the lovely Nic and it being the first time I'd met her it was a true pleasure!

In my opinion Becky and Toni should be insanely proud of themselves because it was one of the most awesome events I've been to for a long time. Being in a room pretty much full of plus size women definitely makes you feel pretty powerful. The catwalk was by Simply Be and involved a number of bloggers me included of course I could of chickened out and not done underwear but I wanted to do something daring for once and to be quite honest it wasn't that bad I mean I could of looked a lot worse than I actually did. There were also a large number of other companies and brands there so many I can't name them all it could take forever! Benefit were also kind enough to do our make up, so we all had a similar colour to each other.

It was truly an amazing experience and I'm so glad I went and got myself involved and seriously cannot wait for the next one!

Monday, 9 July 2012

30 Minute Love Affair.

So I just wanted to quickly post up Paloma Faiths new video for her second single off the new album because I just adore the styling off the whole set and well of course the look of the beautiful lady herself.

This video was fully styled by Karl Willett who also helps Jessie J our as well. Though I personally like to think that all the imagination was still Paloma's but Karl just helped it become a reality. This is the exact type of stylist I one day want to become, I don't want to make a look for the person because then they won't be there true self. I mean of course I am perfectly capable of dressing something in a specific style or look of dress but I always think peoples outfits look so much better when they have a bit of there personality in them!

I also find this song really catchy like most of Paloma's I'll probably know all the words to it by Wednesday the chorus is specially awesome! So turn up the volume and take the video in, let me know what you think of it all?

Thursday, 5 July 2012

OSP Summer Style Trials.

Shoes, Dress and Bag: c/o One Stop Plus. Socks: Urban Outfitters. Rings: Matalan.

Hi Guys so I'm the final blogger involved in the OSP Summer Style Trials which started a few moths back when we were all contacted they supplied the clothes and we supplied the style after all of us have uploaded the final pieces onto our blogs there chosen judges will er judge? And so the look I've decided to go for is a retro mod kind of vibe as I'm loving buttoned up collars/shirts at the moment. I wanted to keep the outfit interesting so I choose to add pops of colour with the pink jazz shoe like pumps and my Lipstick and rings which tie the whole outfit together pulling the pink from the shoes to the blue tones of the dress.

This dress fitted me beautiful on the top but clung to my tummy a little to much for my liking so you could see my rolls! But some serious shape wear would easily sort that problem I just don't really own any. It is also a little long in the body for me but as I'm pretty short I'm used to it and prefer to pull things up slightly so they sit better regardless. Now the shoes I adore the colour, style everything about them! I've never owned shoes in such a lovely colour and they also match quite a few bags in my wardrobe so I can't wait to mix them up with more outfits. I've also never owned a white bag before and its not something I'd usually go for but I feel it lightens the outfit and makes my rings stand out too. My make up is just some eyeliner and a vibrant pink lipstick to pull everything together, I'm also loving my hair with this look as even though the sun was blinding me I felt really cool!

So over all I do feel I totally rock this look, and it makes me want to jump on a scooter and pretend I'm a mod's girl! Alas I'll never be but at least I can dress like one?

The other Bloggers taking part in the One Stop Plus Summer Style Trials were:
Naomi - Diamonds'n'Pearls
Em - Oh the Places You'll Go
Tessa - Fashion Resister to Fashionista
Georgina - Cupcakes Clothes

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sky Ride.

Now you may wonder as to why I'm posting about this but the truth be told I do like riding a bike, to be honest I'm not every good at it but I try.I'm more one for riding down very quiet country lanes and taking in scenery than to be racing around on anything overly high tech!

I was contacted about being involved in Sky Ride North West about a month ago and as much as I loved the idea in all honesty I thought they must of sent it to the wrong person because I don't think you can look at my blog and think of me as a sporty person at all! So I didn't reply straight away and then I forgot about it until they emailed me asking if I'd thought about it and would be interested and after finding out I won't have to cycle the whole ride (which I fear would kill me) I'm seriously thinking about doing it, of course I'm going to drag a fellow blogger with me for moral support and as the ambassador for this event is the drop dead beautiful Kelly Brook, it's pretty much worth going just to get a glimpse of her! At the moment shes a major girl crush of mine!

The event is on July 15th and the ride goes through the heart of Manchester and out to the National Cycling Centre if you want to attend all you have to do is register here and you can tag along! Now I'm off to find my cutest Bike appropriate outfit!