In the garden.


Skirt: Matalan. Top: Dorothy Perkins. Necklace/Sunglasses: Primark. Bag: Vintage. Shoes: Evans.

My brother snapped these for me before he went to stay at his girlfriends in Kent for a week or so. Alas I am now down a photographer and a really good camera, you'll have to put up with my rubbish digital and a tripod just like the good old days! I'm still hauled up ill with well whatever is wrong with me and its generally starting to really get me down. I'm hoping the new tablets I've been given will kick in before I go on holiday next week otherwise the 2 hour train journey will be hell!

So my mum bought me this skirt a few months back when we were shopping in Matalan because I loved the colours and haven't had a decent summery outfit for quite a few years! I utterly adore the print and the high waistband as its my favourite style on skirts as I always wear them virtually right under my boobs anyway! I don't have enough very basic pieces I have a few t-shirts but that's all this is one of them but it's gone super gross due to how old it is, so I should really invest in some new bits. This necklace is from my primark haul from a few weeks back so far its given so many clothes out of my wardrobe a new lease of life. I added a little more to my make up than normal, only a flick of liquid liner mind! my hairs tied up due to the warm weather and that its starting to grow out!
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  1. beautiful outfit! lovely photos too :)
    i hope you feel better soon, it sucks being ill - especially in summer :(
    Rosie xo

  2. Gorgeous as always! xxx

    HAve you asked about your gale bladder, my sister has been having terrible pain and sickness for months, hers is having to be removed. xx

  3. I've got this skirt too- it's lush!

  4. I think your hair looks lovely like that. :] XXXX

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