Sunday, 31 October 2010

I'm a broken doll and you're the puppeteer, take control for me and wipe away my fears.

I don't claim to be perfect I know I'm damaged goods but I wanna be led out of darkness, just like every lady would. Lick my wounds and watch them seal with your healing heart, embrace my sadness look after me cause there's no one else I'd ask.

This is just a quick post to day I'm off to see Miss Paloma Faith tonight at The Apollo in Manchester and I'm really looking forward to it, in fact I'm really pretty excited but I'm also bricking it because normally i just hide away on Halloween because the whole idea of it and the costumes really creep me out and scares me! So lets see if i survive tonight, though I am dressing up a bit tonight and going as a pirate which should be interesting haha. Anyway i should probably start getting ready! I promise I'll plenty pictures from tonight and post them up as soon as i can! ooh and on one last thought Eliza Dolittle is supporting, how cool is that?!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

You took the light and left me in the dark.

Tell me are you feeling strong, strong enough to love someone and make it through the hardest stormand bad weather. Fire falling from the flames,Hold me till I feel no pain and give me shelter from the rain forever.
Where, can I find her
She took the light and left me in the dark, eh She left me with a broken heart, eh Now I’m on my own If anybody sees her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh) If anybody sees her.
Tell me can you hear my voice loud and clear above the noise, Even if I had the choice I would not give up.
Where, can i find her
She took the light and left me in the dark, eh She left me with a broken heart, eh Now I’m on my own If anybody sees her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh) If anybody sees her Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh) If anybody sees her.
She took the light and left me in the dark, eh She left me with a broken heart, eh Now I’m on my own If anybody sees her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh) If anybody sees her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh, eh) Shine a light on her (eh, eh) If anybody sees her.

Your lips are nettles, Your tongue is wine, Your laughter's liquid, But your body's pine.

You love all sailors but hate the beach, you say "Come touch me" but you're always out of reach. In the dark you tell me of a flower that only blooms in the violet hour.Your arms are lovely yellow and rose, your back`s a meadow covered in snow. Your thighs are thistles and hot-house grapes, you breathe your sweet breath and have me wait. In the dark you tell me of a flower that only blooms in the violet hour.
Good evening my lovely friends as this is what i class you all as now. Before i go into detail about any of these photo's my flash sometimes makes things to bright but if i don't use flash everything's fuzzy, so I'm just apologising in advance for some of the harsh contrasts. Anyway i took these images about about half past five this evening the majority of the photographs were taken in my granny's orchard or fields, but for the lighting and that I'd spent the whole day in those clothes i suppose they don't look half bad, haha.
So what i wore in the top image i am wearing my main warmer coat i just love duffle coats and this is in a navy and i purchased it in the Dorothy Perkins sale last January. I never normally wear i fully buttoned up including the collar but i think i like this look its quite quirky and cute. I think the top image is my favourite because my face doesn't look so odd.
Under my coat i wore my trusty stripy top which i have had sooo much wear out of its untrue! This was teamed with my new skirt which is so lovely but i had to downsize because of the stretchy back, this is also from Dorothy Perkins. Then my scarf is vintage and i think my mum gave it to me years ago and the necklace is also a vintage cameo which i got really cheaply in a charity shop.I'm not sure if you can tell on these but i have dyed my hair over half term in some images it looks quite red but in others its more browny either way i don't mind. My mum seemed happy with it though maybe that just because i managed for once not to dye the bathroom the same colour!
So how has this week gone for all my lovely followers? looking forward to Halloween...i have a Paloma Faith gig that night which I'm VERY EXCITED ABOUT.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Everyday feels like a monday,there is no escaping from the heartache.

"Waking up to people talking and it's getting later every morning, now I realise it's nearly midday and I've wasted half my life to throw it away, singing everyday should be a new day to make you smile and find a new way of falling in love, I could've fallen in love."

I apologise for it being a whole week since i last posted but I've just not been sure on what to write really, but anyway I'm back and bigger than ever! I went and stayed with my brother and his girlfriend in Liverpool so i could go to the John Moore's open day fr my fashion course but when i arrived I'd found out that they had in fact cancelled the fashion course for 2011 so really there was so point in me going but i got to wander around Liverpool look in some shops and buy a fair few brooches from primark!

I finally got to have a look (in person, at what was left) of the Beth Ditto range in the Liverpool Evans store. They had one polka dot dress left in my size and i have to say i utterly fell in love with it but with the steep price tag of £59.50 i would never dream of being able to afford it on my own but it was so comfortable and just fitted so well, arghh i really should stop writing about it I mean it took me long enough to talk myself out of it haha! The second image of myself is just what i wore for my open day that didn't happen. The skirt was bought for 3 pounds in the Dorothy Perkins sale and its pretty much not left my waist since i got it. The shirt i thrifted for £2.99 from a charity shop in my town. And then the finishing touch to what i wore was my coat which i acquired last January in the Dorothy Perkins sale and i just love duffle coats and this one has a slight a-line shape which fits really well.

i saw the moustache stencil on a wall in Liverpool and i just love it, pretty tempted to have it tattooed on my person somewhere but maybe i should just stick to my bird instead? anyway i just thought it was really cool so i photographed it. Also i know the mcfly lyrics aren't really linked to the whole trip to Liverpool but i saw them on Saturday night in Manchester and I've just had them in my head ever since. Oh and they were insanely amazing (but another post on that later!) so has anyone been thrifty this weekend? And any plans for the coming week it's half term for me and I'm hoping to visit some galleries.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tell me can you hear my voice, loud and clear above the noise.

Evening all, I just took these today in my church car park (of all places) while my mum was doing the flowers. I very much prefer the top one primarily, i think it's because you can't see my face haha. Anyway it was a really lovely day and i had my camera in my bag full of college work so i thought "why the hell not?" (though of course not the hell part, sorry god.)
unfortunately i don't have a tripod for my camera so i have to do with balancing it on any flat surface, here i used a window-sill i know i am nothing if not practical. If you have noticed the rather marvelous vehicle at the side of these shots it is in fact the mini that hopefully in a short matter of month i might actually be driving, all I'm saying is if you live in Congleton WATCH OUT!
In these photographs i am wearing a top from urban outfitters which i find is really comfy and can look quite smart even when i just cannot be bothered with life. I am also wearying a cardigan i thrifted last weekend for the pretty wonderful price of £2.80 and considering I've been after a long sleeved cardigan was even better! The heart shaped box necklace one with flowers painted on is from urban outfitters in the sale during the summer for about £4 and the locket one is from primark and should of been £2.50 but when i sent my brother out to acquire it this was the last one and the big gold flower had been knocked off the front, so it had been reduced to a pound and actually i prefer it without the flower!
I also finally bought some new shoes after wandering round in a number of pairs where the sole had been masking taped back on. They are really cute tan coloured flats from the Evans sale they were a tenner and i love them already!
So how have you all got on this weekend? Stocked up on anything new, I'd love a cheeky look.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


This wonderful woman is my new favourite designer and recently I sent a very desperate email to her internships, I know I won't have the smallest chance of even getting a look in but I mean "you don't no if you don't try" so lets hope she doesn't think I'm just another try hard fashion wannabe. which I'm not so don't worry there, I just think her pieces are quite haunting due to her main colour palette being deep, rich dark colours. The only place Hannah Marshall's work is sold in the UK at the present moment is a small number of stores in London.
I personally think this campaign is really beautiful with the Viole draped over her figure giving a Gothic film to the photograph. I cannot wait to see Hannah's spring summer pieces and private pre-ordering evenings have just been realeased so hopefully in the coming weeks there will be more images up on her site.
Have any of you seen the rest of Hannah Marshall's winter collection it's really amazing.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

I was a heavy heart to carry.

These photo's were taken by my friend Sarah who is a photography student at South Cheshire College. She had a project on fashion photography and very kindly asked me if she could use my dress from my final unit last year, and of course i jumped at the chance of my dress being photographed by anything other than a cheap digital camera. I personally think that these images have come out quite well. Its a shame the dress looks a little bit big on the model but i think this is just me being super fussy, and the belt makes it fit much better.

The make up and hair styling on the model also works with the dress really well giving it a more individual edge. My favourite part is the red lips because black red and white always work harmoniously together. You can also see the graduation of the dye on the dress really well in many of these images which i am very pleased about. I am also really impressed with the photo shop skills that have been used and i can see personality within the images.

Overall i am really happy with these photo's and i have mentioned that whenever she needs fashion styling for her shoots that she can happily borrow any of my garments or expertise.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hey, I put some new shoes on, And suddenly everything is right.

"I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling,It so inviting, Oh, short on money, But long on time, Slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine, And I'm running late, And I don't need an excuse,'cause I'm wearing my brand new shoes."
I just saw these little boots while i was doing my usual browsing of the Evans site, and in the past i would of never of looked at a pair of shoes like this twice but now i think there really lovely. I would style these with either leggings a huge shirt and chunky knitted scarf or with tights a vintage tea dress and a cardigan and my clock necklace. So next time I'm in and Evans store i might have to try these cuties on.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Then Pop goes my Art.

I did a little bit of travelling on Tuesday and went off to Liverpool for the day with my college. Which of course included a date with the Tate as well as a few shops in the centre. Anyway i saw this Andy Warhol and to be quite honest i don't think I've ever seen a piece of his i don't like. Though my favourites are the more colourful and vibrant. But nether the less i do like his soup cans.

This is another painting i saw when i visited the walker art gallery in Liverpool, and i must say i sad infront of it for a number of minutes just trying to connect everything and see how all things are linked, its quite fascinating.
anyway I'm really sorry this is such a short entry but i'm watching "some like it hot" and i'm really getting into it. so who's out thrifting this weekend?
I might go for a mooch around manchester anyone like to join me?