I was a heavy heart to carry.


These photo's were taken by my friend Sarah who is a photography student at South Cheshire College. She had a project on fashion photography and very kindly asked me if she could use my dress from my final unit last year, and of course i jumped at the chance of my dress being photographed by anything other than a cheap digital camera. I personally think that these images have come out quite well. Its a shame the dress looks a little bit big on the model but i think this is just me being super fussy, and the belt makes it fit much better.

The make up and hair styling on the model also works with the dress really well giving it a more individual edge. My favourite part is the red lips because black red and white always work harmoniously together. You can also see the graduation of the dye on the dress really well in many of these images which i am very pleased about. I am also really impressed with the photo shop skills that have been used and i can see personality within the images.

Overall i am really happy with these photo's and i have mentioned that whenever she needs fashion styling for her shoots that she can happily borrow any of my garments or expertise.
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