Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ahoy, there.

First of all,sorry for not posting in a number of days I'm still trying to get my mind around some of this!Secondly as we all know the nautical trend is set to be huge this summer, but wasn't it a big trend last year and the year before? to me i see this as a recurring trend as soon as the sun is shining everyone is dressed in a beach styled nautical theme. these image of me were taken in macclesfield west park quite like my previous photos were. and the picture of the lighthouse was taken by me last summer on orford ness in Suffolk. It is one of my favourite pictures of what i took on my summer holiday last year. And yet again i am going to be staying in the same village, in the same house and most likely doing the sames things as we do every year. So watch out for more photos of this lighthouse in the coming months.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Within the tree's and whistling in the breeze you'll see her.

This is my wonderful and new blazer. of course i thifted it from a tiny charity shop most people just walk past, sometimes i feel like its invisible to everyone but me which i really love the idea of. But i know if i want to find something a little quirky that i will find it in this place. I think so far this is my most costly piece of my minuscule collection, but i feel it was worth every penny. It is a little small for me but who needs to button it up?
I had my dear, dear friend Emily take these photos for me. though out of about 50 photos these are the ones i liked the most. These photos were taken in Macclesfield west park, on the little castle and the trees surrounding it. I think the little place looks really adorable on pictures, but the setting isn't as pretty as it looks.
my outfit:
Black Long Sleeved Top - Dorothy Perkins.
Owl Necklace - 3 years old Dorothy Perkins.
Vintage Blazer - Thifted, Charity Shop.
Denim Look Leggings - Ethel Austins (before it closed down).
Bow Patent Dolly Shoes - Evans (in colour images they are a lovely red).

I feel like a three year old being told off for drawing on the walls.

Staples are always sexy.

And by staples i don't mean the ones which hold paper together.

Wardrobe Staples to me are classic and timeless and will always ooze sex appeal thanks to the simplicity of the pieces. for example if Robert Pattinson wasn't insanely attractive already, the sharpness of the suit and the white t-shirt and shirt just make him even more desirable!
And us woman look just as good in the staples as Rob does.
inside your staple. everyone should own at least:
a few white t-thirts.
a number of crisp white shirts.
one crisp well ftted black suit.
And with these key items you will always look and feel your best.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

These Boots are made for walking.

One of my best finds on ebay so far this year, these beautiful patent Doc Martins. I have worn these with everything from tights to tea dresses, they stop anything looking too feminine and were perfect for the weather we had early this year!
I am hoping they will last for a few years to come as i love them dearly. And make anything i wear them with more interesting.

1950's girl in the modern world.

This is just a badly taken photo of one of my many vintage inspired outfits.
I am wearing:
Navy cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Polka Dot Dress - Matalan
Bow Belt - Matalan
Bag - found at the back on a shelf in a Charity shop
Bow front Leather Shoes - Marks and Spencer (these will shortly be going on ebay)

i just wanted to show it does not matter where your clothes come from its how you wear them.
i will regularly put photos of my outfits up but next time hopefully my photo will be taken better!


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Things you may need to know.

My name is Rosemary Astbury (but lets keep it simple, Rosie). Sixteen for now. obsessive weirdo with a kind heart.Near Manchester. College first year in fashion and clothing.First garment on the catwalk in only a matter of weeks. any free time i have goes on reading as many books as i can, and searching for individual and formerly unconventional trinkets. When needed i can be honest. I can make you smile in a heartbeat.i will blog as much as i can.