Saturday, 10 March 2012


Step 1, step 2, step 3....Finished outcome!!!

Yes guys I finally did it! I ombre'd my hair, I know I've been going on about doing it since the summer and even bought the bleach then but kept on chickening out when it came to actually putting the bleach on my hair, I was terrified I'd ruin it and end up ruining my hair, but I eventually bit the bullet and this is how it turned out, not bad for my first ever attempt!

I posted up the pictures of my process on my twitter while I was doing, mostly just for you all to giggle at! My methods are probably not right especially as I'd lost the actual instructions but regardless this worked for me. I also made a 4 part video set on doing my ombre hair there a little shoddy and a mess but no ones perfect right? I'll get them up on my YouTube as soon as and post the links on here to accompany the post! I think one thing to remember is that you shouldn't be scared of trying this yourself as I'm perfectly happy with this and the bleach cost me under 4 quid and I dread to think how much it would cost me to get it done at the hairdressers!

Tonight I'm heading off to see Mcfly and yes I am very excited! It's also one of my dearest friends birthdays who I'm going with which means only one thing loads of banners and me telling everyone its her birthday! I won't be wearing anything of height fashiony credentials but I might do a cheeky little post on it all anyway for a laugh!


  1. I love the hair, you did a great job. Must admit i was a bit nervous for you but it turned out lovely. xXx


  3. Good work for an at home job!!


  4. Looks super awesome on you!

  5. Wawww great job with your hair!! I would have been too scared!

    Annest X


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