Jennie Webber.


These beautiful pieces of art are by Jennie Webber who is a freelance illustrator and occasional print-maker based in London. She currently studying MA Illustration at Camberwell, where she says “I make screen-prints of characters that deserve to be screen-printed”. Jennie’s inspiration for her personal work comes from unexpected surprises, extraordinary stories.Her freelance work has ranged from editorial and advertising commissions to large-scale wall installations. Previous clients include Oxfam, Brat & Suzie, Cow Vintage Clothing and the Bodega Social Club. These images are one of the latest reasons for her ink-stained fingers. These exquisite creatures were a private commission for a posh pad in The Park, Nottingham.
I feel a lot of Jennie's work has a mood of innocence especially these ink wall drawing. Personally I think you can see into the deers eyes and they just look so utterly tranquil, do you know what I mean or do I just sound crazy? The majority of Webber's work is from I can see is done with inks or black pens, though if you look through her online portfolio there is colour there whether it be vivid and in blocks over the detailed drawings or it might just be a wash covering a single section of the sketch. Each and every piece of work is hauntingly beautiful. While looking through her work all I can often think is " if these drawings could talk they'd have some adventures to tell."
In the past Jennie has seemed to have concentrated on drawing animals or nature, but a number have a modern twist such as rams head on a human body on an old fashioned pair of skates (this pictures in my sketchbook). I think in the future some of Jennie Webber's illustrations would work beautifully as a print on fabric, If I don't say so myself personally I think it would work wonderfully on a few garments I've designed. This idea reminds me of Julie Verhoeven for versace where illustrations she'd drawn were printed onto the costumes, bags, dresses, all the garments and then embellished on with beading and stitching. I'll possibly do a post about Julie Verhoeben and the work she's done with designers in the past.
One on last note I just want to state that these images are all credit of Jennie Webber I acquired some information from her site and the images were from her blog.
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