Why have a book when you can read a webpage?


Online magazines are one of the sources that greatly use Digital technology for example ZOOZOOM fashion magazine (http://www.zoomzoom.com/ ) which presents multimedia fashion features using photography, video, music and animation. They have used a large amount of digital technology on there magazine such as the layout and fonts used as well as there photo shoots on the fashion tab which have been tweaked by editing and air brushing. One of the only limitations of using an online magazine is that only people who have access to the Internet and a strong Internet connection can see it. Also with the Internet often sometimes being unreliable for crashing and freezing if the online magazine went down then nobody could read it but with having it actually able to hold and carry it can be much more wide spread in my opinion. I also see the potential for and online magazine able to hit global proportions thanks to anyone being able to link them or pass it on over networking sites such as twitter and facebook.

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