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I am so sorry this is such a pathetic outfit post but these really are the best of a bad bunch. I though I'd try something different and use my white walls in the loft, which wasn't the best idea there is not a lot of head room up there! The photographs are also really bad quality and this is what you get for rubbish lighting and having to use the web cam on your laptop. I took some much nicer ones on my camera but it seems to have gone walk about and is still yet to be found (most likely lurking in the bombsite which is my room)
This possible part outfit was what I was thinking about wearing for my friend Charlie's 18th. I knew it had to be pretty much also make me look a little older or more used to going out in general. In the end I wore my black and red floral culottes which you can see in a post from September here , because if the truth be told I'm not really a dress person which probably sounds strange to you as I quite often show up on my blog sporting a dress or skirt of some kind but Its often with thick tights or leggings and when I'm at parties I am always conscious that my bum on show, which for a girl like me really isn't a good look.
The dress is from Dorothy Perkins way, way back it could be three years old I tend to layer it a lot so it can be smart or casual I'm going to try it with some fun coloured tights and a long sleeved stripy top for Christmas...maybe. The lace top underneath is from tesco, I am really not keen on the tops of my arms but I feel fine going out in this! You may be able to to see a little box bag in the corner of the second image I bought that little gem from a second-hand bag shop in Antwerp it was originally a little sewing box I think, but really the upholstery on it is just utterly adorable.
I do apoligise for the lack of outfit posts and what-not recently! hopefully there will be a few more over the coming week or so and I promise to try and post up before christmas.
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  1. From what I can see, the dress looks really sweet and has a great shape! Would love to see you wear this and take outfit posts in more light condition!

  2. lol, I just had one of these trifling outfit posts myself.. but hey, they work!! I love this dress!! I would wear this in a NY minute. Oddly enough Ive never considered throwing a lace top under a summer dress. So, thank you I shall be copping your style!!

  3. awwe you look gorgeous :)
    i looove this dress, the lace at the top is awesome!
    -Rosie x

  4. Wow, you look for gorgeous in it that is great. Joe Biden Jacket


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