Can you get fashion in a can?


This post is all about a new illustrator I found while searching for another illustrator of the same name (confusing I know). So this is Natalie Hugh's I am unsure if she is the Natalie Hugh's I was searching for but she will certainly do.

Natalie lives in London with her ever increasing wardrobe which is buckling at the seams. she works as a writer by day and by night she draws wafer slim girls in expensive outfits. Which Natalie all documents beautifully on her blog Canned Fashion. (
She also draws everything from pugs with rabbit styled ears to designer garments. ( you can see them on her flickr here ) she uses a mix of pen, ink and photoshop. For the photo editing she edits in pattern and block colour as seen on these two lovely examples of her work which i 'borrowed' off her own drawing page on her blog. In my opinion I think her illustrations envisage a mood of innocent and simplicity but with a splash of glamour. By the term simplicity i do not mean her drawing are plain but the structure oh her 'models' is simple clean lines so all the detail and attention is kept on the garments which the girls in the drawing are wearing.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the outcome of Natalie's blog in the future!
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