Before the blizzards appeared.


So has anyone else ventured out into the wild outdoors and returned looking reminiscent of a yeti? Well I have. These photo's were taken on Monday before the snow got really bad! But right now I feel the need to tell you all a little something... I normally LOVE cold weather in winter and everything that goes along with it but this year my hearts just not in it. What I mean by this is that I'm really feeling the cold for once, so now thankfully to this happening I now understand what my mum means by "cold right through to the bone" because I'M FEELING THAT. I did manage to brave the weather for about ten minutes to take some rather bad photographs, I think I really am going to need to invest in a tripod it would make outfit posts so much easier!
Here you are, this is what I wore on Monday until it became so cold I retreated to my big cricket jumper. This is one of my new dresses I had to return some things to Matalan and I saw this top/dress piece and on the hanger it didn't look that nice but I liked the shape, so I thought I'd try it on and actually I personally think it fits pretty well and is really comfy! And at ten pounds it was well worth it. I have also worn this dress layered up with a long sleeved top underneath and a grey cardigan over the top and belted... it may sound a lot but Manchester is cold!

The necklace I am wearing is from Dorothy Perkins about three or so years ago. It was actually gold colour plated originally but now it's more of a bronzey shade thanks to wear and tear. My leggings are from Evans which is wear I get the majority of my jeans as well because they seem to fit really well. Then on my feet I am wearing my patent black Doc Martens which have so far this week been life savers! I just wish I had a plain pair which were just leather boots because I do worry about the patent leather cracking when they get weathered. So if anyone has any for knows where I might be able to get a pair for about forty odd pound (because my patent ones were that price too) let me know! Cause my Docs have possibly been my best shoes so far.
So how are you all surviving the weather, rugged up warm with a horlicks?

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  1. <3 I adore the doc martens, I reaaalllyyy want a pair! x

  2. i agree with rai, i was saving for a pair then went on a clothes splurge instead :'(
    it is COLDDD. and horlicks sounds good ;)


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