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Yes the lyrics which are the title of the post are from Duran Duran's song Rio, I saw the vinyl in a charity shop today and I've been singing it since! These photographs were primarily taken for Evan's "Tis the season..." competition for the chance to win £100 worth of Evans clothes! The bits and bobs on how you could enter are just here but I am afraid to say I only just managed the deadline for entries! The deadline was Thursday and I managed to submit my picture at half past ten at night, but if you missed out I know asos curve are doing a competition which is similar to this (wear your favourite piece(s) from there range and submit a picture in a chance to win vouchers).

I entered one of these photograph's in under the title of "tis the season to colour co-ordinate" because how often (especially at Christmas) do yo use women with matching shoes and bags or even the whole outfit being matching? I'll answer you quite a lot. I decided to go ALL out for this outfit post but wearing everything to match right up to my lipstick! For you who are followers of my blog you may have already noticed this, for lovely people who have just found me, listen and listen well. I hardly ever wear pink! Even though its not that I do not like the colour its just something as a palette that isn't very extensive in my wardrobe, recently I am becoming more at one with the shade. I now own the most awesome eighties hand knitted pink cardigan which I got from the ever so lovely messycarla from her selling blog a few months ago. When I'm out shopping or even just prowling the Internet for new things my eyes seem to be more drawn to pale pinks at the moment i think its just because in England we are having our judgments frosted over by snow! haha so check back with me in a few months to see if I'm still into it all.

So what am I wearing in this darling photo? As they were mainly taken for the evans competition this is my main focus. The skirt I bought a few summers ago from evans and I just really love it the fabric's stretch, the shape its self is really lovely and of course it looks good in summer and winter though unfortunately its a little more snug my me than I would like it still looks and feel great to wear. My lovely patent low heeled Mary Jane styled shoes are also from evans it is the only shop I really go to for my shoes. For girls who are chubby you tend to have wider feet and this can be a real pain if you want really nice shoes but your foot doesn't fit in to believe me! My plain black long sleeved t-shirt is one of my wardrobe staples from Dorothy Perkins and the pink bow is also from Dorothy Perkins and was found in the sale about a year ago for little less than a pound.

I said I'd really gone out for the co-ordinating theme and I really did! My lipstick is the magic one from Barry M. If you do not understand what I mean I shall try and explain, when you buy the lipstick it is green in the tube but when you put it on your lips like a lipstick it comes out a pink shade and the more layers you add the bright the pigment becomes. The reason for the colour change is that theres something in the lipstick which reacts with the heat of your skin. Though i do have to warn you it does not come off easily!

So do you think this outfit looks okay? I have to say i froze my bum off outside while I'd nagged my mum to be the photographer. arghh its Christmas eve tomorrow is anyone else not at all ready?

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  1. I love love bows!
    I should start crafting them... Cute shoes too!

  2. I for one, think you ROCK this outfit. The skirt is a dream! It is so so cute and what I would love to have in my wardrobe! The pink bow is a cute touch and can be used so many ways on your outfit! I'll try to put it on the centre of the skirt's waistband just to see how it looks then you can wear a necklace that way too.

  3. Cute. You look like a little present haha.

  4. thanks for the lovely comments you lovely people :)

  5. So in love with this outfit chica, you look fabulous!

  6. i loove the skirt, you look beautiful! <3

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