And though I'm far away I still can hear them say.

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My own interpretation of the uniform this is also my second attempt, my first being in my journal was just a very messy sketch this is much more refined and detailed. I genuinely like the style of the jacket and tie. I am thinking or incorporating this influence into some of my designs.

This uniform was worn by Marlene Dietrich while she was touring Europe during the war. She was visiting all the soldiers at there different stations to entertain them and to brighten up there spirits. What I initially found appealing about this uniform is the high waist band of the trouser (which is similar to how the land army wore there's) but as I looked into the more detailed parts of the uniform I saw the style of the shirt and tie, the structure of the jacket and how it all fastens together.

Another aspect of this touring uniform is the pockets not only are they practical but they also add detail and definition to certain area's. There are many parts of this individual uniform which I wish to take inspiration from for my own designs and garments. such as the buckles and the style of how the pieces fitted along with the little details such as badges and medals which for my own garments i plan to put a modern twist on.

Once I have done more designs I'm just wondering if you would like to see any up on my blog?
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