Everyday feels like a monday,there is no escaping from the heartache.


"Waking up to people talking and it's getting later every morning, now I realise it's nearly midday and I've wasted half my life to throw it away, singing everyday should be a new day to make you smile and find a new way of falling in love, I could've fallen in love."

I apologise for it being a whole week since i last posted but I've just not been sure on what to write really, but anyway I'm back and bigger than ever! I went and stayed with my brother and his girlfriend in Liverpool so i could go to the John Moore's open day fr my fashion course but when i arrived I'd found out that they had in fact cancelled the fashion course for 2011 so really there was so point in me going but i got to wander around Liverpool look in some shops and buy a fair few brooches from primark!

I finally got to have a look (in person, at what was left) of the Beth Ditto range in the Liverpool Evans store. They had one polka dot dress left in my size and i have to say i utterly fell in love with it but with the steep price tag of £59.50 i would never dream of being able to afford it on my own but it was so comfortable and just fitted so well, arghh i really should stop writing about it I mean it took me long enough to talk myself out of it haha! The second image of myself is just what i wore for my open day that didn't happen. The skirt was bought for 3 pounds in the Dorothy Perkins sale and its pretty much not left my waist since i got it. The shirt i thrifted for £2.99 from a charity shop in my town. And then the finishing touch to what i wore was my coat which i acquired last January in the Dorothy Perkins sale and i just love duffle coats and this one has a slight a-line shape which fits really well.

i saw the moustache stencil on a wall in Liverpool and i just love it, pretty tempted to have it tattooed on my person somewhere but maybe i should just stick to my bird instead? anyway i just thought it was really cool so i photographed it. Also i know the mcfly lyrics aren't really linked to the whole trip to Liverpool but i saw them on Saturday night in Manchester and I've just had them in my head ever since. Oh and they were insanely amazing (but another post on that later!) so has anyone been thrifty this weekend? And any plans for the coming week it's half term for me and I'm hoping to visit some galleries.

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