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Evening all, I just took these today in my church car park (of all places) while my mum was doing the flowers. I very much prefer the top one primarily, i think it's because you can't see my face haha. Anyway it was a really lovely day and i had my camera in my bag full of college work so i thought "why the hell not?" (though of course not the hell part, sorry god.)
unfortunately i don't have a tripod for my camera so i have to do with balancing it on any flat surface, here i used a window-sill i know i am nothing if not practical. If you have noticed the rather marvelous vehicle at the side of these shots it is in fact the mini that hopefully in a short matter of month i might actually be driving, all I'm saying is if you live in Congleton WATCH OUT!
In these photographs i am wearing a top from urban outfitters which i find is really comfy and can look quite smart even when i just cannot be bothered with life. I am also wearying a cardigan i thrifted last weekend for the pretty wonderful price of £2.80 and considering I've been after a long sleeved cardigan was even better! The heart shaped box necklace one with flowers painted on is from urban outfitters in the sale during the summer for about £4 and the locket one is from primark and should of been £2.50 but when i sent my brother out to acquire it this was the last one and the big gold flower had been knocked off the front, so it had been reduced to a pound and actually i prefer it without the flower!
I also finally bought some new shoes after wandering round in a number of pairs where the sole had been masking taped back on. They are really cute tan coloured flats from the Evans sale they were a tenner and i love them already!
So how have you all got on this weekend? Stocked up on anything new, I'd love a cheeky look.
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