Then Pop goes my Art.

I did a little bit of travelling on Tuesday and went off to Liverpool for the day with my college. Which of course included a date with the Tate as well as a few shops in the centre. Anyway i saw this Andy Warhol and to be quite honest i don't think I've ever seen a piece of his i don't like. Though my favourites are the more colourful and vibrant. But nether the less i do like his soup cans.

This is another painting i saw when i visited the walker art gallery in Liverpool, and i must say i sad infront of it for a number of minutes just trying to connect everything and see how all things are linked, its quite fascinating.
anyway I'm really sorry this is such a short entry but i'm watching "some like it hot" and i'm really getting into it. so who's out thrifting this weekend?
I might go for a mooch around manchester anyone like to join me?
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