See I don't like coffee at all, But I drink some for you, I wanna have a drink with you, So I'll go anywhere you want me to.


Actually i do like coffee, quite a lot but I'm having a bit of a major Tommy crush at this moment in time. So I'll spend this evening re-living the last time i saw him and singing along to all the songs of his i own. Anyway that's enough about that beautiful boy for now. I've never worn this playsuit out yet and I'm not sure whether i actually should, what do you think? I've had this since the beginning of summer but everytime i put it on i just wasn't sure whether it looked right but now i think its actually looks okay it is really comfortable as well. I was worried that because i am abit of a fat girl and pretty short that the wouldn't hang right and the draw string around what is supposed to be the wast i think does look a little odd sometimes i think I've actually made it work. My beauty of a plan is to wear this in the winter with leggings underneith and my boots as well as the jumpers, scarfs and gloves I'll be wearing!

Right so my playsuit is from George at asda and was £14. The long sleeved t-shirt layered underneith is from Dorothy Perkins (where a fair amount of my clothes come from anyway, apart from charity shops, haha) my leggings are Evans and my back was picked up a year or so ago in a charity shop and it was £4.50 and it is my favourite bag ever!

so does it look bloody awful or do you think i've sort of gotten away with one of the pieces a chubby girl would traditionally shy away from?

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