Once I had a love and it was a gas,soon turned out had a heart of glass.


I know the title doesn't really link to the pictures but I've been listening to Blondie all evening and have developed a hugge girl crush on Debbie Harry. Anyway these photographs were taken when i was out with my friends well these were just before we actually went out but still no matter. Have you noticed? i got my wonderful,wonderful bag! it fits a lot in as well like a normal sized deo bottle and everything ( i know this may sound strange but it was a really warm day)
So black always looks good but on a really warm day you actually feel like your baking, now i know what chickens feel like in ovens. My lace top is from tesco believe it or not and the sleeves are really pretty I'm not sure if you can tell on the images but they are kind of draped quite detailed for a supermarket i thought.
And i have my trusty leggings on from Evans which are the perfect length and so comfortable! Underneath my lace shirt i have a Marks and Spencer's vest on, i kept the look for this very simple because of the bag making such a statement. I also wore some heels which were black with a Lacey patterned finish. I did want to wear my Doc Martins but my friend forced me into my heels which i suppose in the end did look better. My amazing bag was a brilliant eBay find, i knew they no longer sold them in stores and they weren't online so i searched eBay and found a new one which was never used and still had the tags on. In the end including postage i ended up paying a tenner for it but considering it originally retailed at twenty i don't think i did too badly. I had a really fun night after getting lost a few times, haha. It was just some college friends who I've not properly seen since the beginning of summer and now its nearly the end, which is a shame in some ways but super exciting in others.
Do you like my Henry Holland bag? and the all black outfit, tell me what you think, and thank you for reading my posts as always.
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