She moves like she don't care smooth as silk cool as air.


These were taken at my best friends 18th party at her house. In the end i kind of regretted choosing this outfit i was absolutely boiling! But i guess that's what you get for wearing synthetic fabrics in a warm place. Though i did get a few compliments on how nice i looked so even though i ended up a sweaty mess it was apparently worth it? haha.
This was a special outing for the shirt and shorts I'd never worn them out of the house until last Saturday. And i have to admit i do think this outfit looks darling its just i might stick to wearing it tin winter. The shirt was from a charity shop for £1.95 i found it on a recent trip where i also got a few other little bargains which I'll show you some time in the future. My shorts are from Dorothy Perkins in the sale everyone thinks there a skirt! Its the pattern that originally drew me to them but not its because they do actually look nice. The shoes and tights are Primark and Evans like usual. As well as my cardigan which is another old Dorothy Perkins one.
While I'm here I'll also apologise for the gormless expression on the first photo my friend took them and i wasn't ready! But oh well they didn't turn out too badly.
So tell me guys do you still love florals?
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