Go insane and out of your mind.


Hell yeah i'm releasing my "inner animal" haha utter bollocks i know.
Anyway on a less silly note. I took these photos for my rocky kind of Debbie Harry look and my Blondie pages in my sketchbook. My little friend 5 year old nina from rainbows puts me to shame. She does these poses much better than i do!
Well now about the clothes its not particularly stylish or anything because i was literally changing in my shed and using my web cam for the shots while my laptop was balanced on buckets. Yeah i know multi talented me. haha. So in these pictures i am wearing Evans leggings which were something like 7 pound, then my long sleeved black t-shirt which i basically wear under anything from dresses to vest. Then here is something new you've not seen before, my new (ish) vintage shirt its from the 80's i think because i cut out some seriously bad disheveled shoulder pads i might sew some new ones in....one day and this was thrifted for about £2.99.
Then of course to finish the look my patent Doc Martins and a bit of red lippy.
So you do think i released my inner Debbie Or do i just look more like Harry?
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