All i want is a picture of you.


"All I want is a room with a view, A sight worth seeing, a vision of you, All I want is a room with view, oh-oh I will give you my finest hour, The one I spent watching you shower, I will give you my finest hour, oh yeah All I want is a photo in my wallet, A small remembrance of something more solid, All I want is a picture of you" - Blondie, Picture This.

I find this woman seriously amazing. Her voice is insanely good in such an alternative way!
Soon I'll post some of Blondie's videos up because i love them so much, and its not just the music i find totally inspiring it's what she stood for as well. Debbie Harry was a show woman nobody messed her around she was the front woman he kept everything together even when behind the music it wasn't. I'm not going to pretend that Blondie weren't as you would say off the rails. I know every well that the majority of the time they were off there heads with drugs and what ever else, But in those times i suppose its what certain musicians did. But to me none of that matters because some of the meaning behind Debbie's lyrics are really inspiring for that era.
If you read the lyrics from picture this they are showing the role reversal which was starting to happen, "The one I spent watching you shower" well woman were always known to be looked at due to there beauty or whatever, not men. So here Debbie is announcing that she wants a picture of this man because she watches him like men look upon women and well there's nothing wrong with that? so why should they have a problem with her looking at them? She also states that having photographic evidence of the person in the song is like making the relationship solid or official. Through out all the lyrics the obvious message is that sometimes women are looked at like objects by men so women can look at men like objects. I think this is showing that in the social climate at that time women had as powerful jobs as men and became equal and Debbie is just cementing this with some of the lyrics.
Now onto her fashion! Debbie was known for what seemed like long t shirts and socks when she was out on stage, though she did always have her legs out but i guess if you've got em flaunt em! (in the bottom picture you can just see her stage style). Even though shoulder pads were a huge trend i don't think I've ever seen a image of Debbie wearing a full on 80's set. She was her own Style and scene and that is why i love her. Debbie's hair was also what made her "Blondie" in the early years of the band she did the infamous colour herself, and that is why there was always a piece of dark hair at the back because she couldn't reach and this is what became her glam grunge style and made her different from all the rest. Also Debbie wore what she wanted to and wasn't dictated by fashion like many people today though other singers and actresses have tried to copy or have been inspired by her look no one will be able to fully pull it off other than the Blondie icon herself.
Right i feel i have now rambled on far to much but i do just utterly love this woman. And when i grow up i want to be just like her... minus the drugs.

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