Your lips are nettles, Your tongue is wine, Your laughter's liquid, But your body's pine.


You love all sailors but hate the beach, you say "Come touch me" but you're always out of reach. In the dark you tell me of a flower that only blooms in the violet hour.Your arms are lovely yellow and rose, your back`s a meadow covered in snow. Your thighs are thistles and hot-house grapes, you breathe your sweet breath and have me wait. In the dark you tell me of a flower that only blooms in the violet hour.
Good evening my lovely friends as this is what i class you all as now. Before i go into detail about any of these photo's my flash sometimes makes things to bright but if i don't use flash everything's fuzzy, so I'm just apologising in advance for some of the harsh contrasts. Anyway i took these images about about half past five this evening the majority of the photographs were taken in my granny's orchard or fields, but for the lighting and that I'd spent the whole day in those clothes i suppose they don't look half bad, haha.
So what i wore in the top image i am wearing my main warmer coat i just love duffle coats and this is in a navy and i purchased it in the Dorothy Perkins sale last January. I never normally wear i fully buttoned up including the collar but i think i like this look its quite quirky and cute. I think the top image is my favourite because my face doesn't look so odd.
Under my coat i wore my trusty stripy top which i have had sooo much wear out of its untrue! This was teamed with my new skirt which is so lovely but i had to downsize because of the stretchy back, this is also from Dorothy Perkins. Then my scarf is vintage and i think my mum gave it to me years ago and the necklace is also a vintage cameo which i got really cheaply in a charity shop.I'm not sure if you can tell on these but i have dyed my hair over half term in some images it looks quite red but in others its more browny either way i don't mind. My mum seemed happy with it though maybe that just because i managed for once not to dye the bathroom the same colour!
So how has this week gone for all my lovely followers? looking forward to Halloween...i have a Paloma Faith gig that night which I'm VERY EXCITED ABOUT.
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