Antique Chair and Vintage Flare.


I took these photographs while i was on holiday and just completely forgot to post them up which is typical of me, i swear a goldfish has a better memory! Anyway these are a couple vintage scarves from my now becoming vast collection of them. On the chair you can just see the tip of a pale blue one and this is a tourist scarf which my grandmother got in the 1950's and i found it in boxes when i was sorting through my grandads things. I don't think i have worn it out yet but once i find something i feel perfectly happy wearing it with I'm sure i will.
The other two scarves are either thrifted or given to me by people, the gold and black one you can see picture spent the majority of the summer draped around my neck, it just makes the plainest outfits look a little more interesting. And then the final scarf is one i picked up this summer in a charity shop for £1.49 and that is also lovely and i have worn it with everything from shorts and a blouse to my kaiser chiefs shirt from 2007.
oh and the chair isn't mine its just in the room i stay in while were on holiday in Suffolk. though i wish it was my chair, everything in the place is quite old fashioned especially my room which is why i think i really like just sitting in the really deep window sill and reading.
so is anyone out thrifting this weekend if your in Manchester give me a shout on here I'd utterly love to join you.

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