Woodland Creatures.


You may of already seen these two images on my blog before, they were taken in my granny's orchard. From my perspective after I had edited the tree image I felt there should be some manner of magical creatures either gathering around it to dance or going through a secret door in the trunk. Either way I think this proves I read to many fantasy and fairy books.
I think the mood in these images is enchanted because they are both quite dark but then the colours within the frame are bright and vivid against the dark night autumn sky backdrop.
In the future I plan to use where I shot these photographs as the view for my final garments at the end of my college year, as the area fits really well for the idea i have for my designs. Because I know the tree's and the orchard haven't change since the 1940's (that's a sneaky little clue).
I hope you all had lovely weekends mine has been a little mad to say the least. I will get back to some outfit posts in the next week and during the Christmas holidays I promise!
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