This is an example of photoshop being used for a before and after of how they have changed the colours and sharpness of her features and the background the figure is situated in.

Photoshop is not only used for editing the style on a photo it can also be used to clear up someones complexion of completely change the shape of a persons body this is called 'airbrushing' which is used to almost mask the person underneath.

This is an example of how photographers photoshop bodies, In my opinion this is sometimes sort of warped, because these celebrities don't look any worse in the majority of there original images. You can see where they have 'trimmed' in her waist as well as airbrushing her skin to give an even and more smooth tone.

Photoshop can be used to edit images for example correcting colors, adding text to image, reducing size and enlarging images. Many Companies now use this digital technology to clean up images of models in magazines this method of photo editing is called airbrushing. It clear the model or person in the image of imperfections and can even alter there figure. Photoshop can also be used to create logo's for company’s and other design manufacturers it can now even be used to work with 3D content.
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  1. Photoshop is bittersweet. The original photo of Jessica Alba was gorgeous and I like it way more than the over-photoshopped version. If I was a celeb and saw that my size was significantly decreased thanks to photoshop, I would be outraged.


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