The 4D Phenomenon.

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To celebrate the launch of its online shop in the UK, Ralph Lauren projected a spectacular 4D show over and around the facade of its London flagship store at New Bond Street.

The assembled prospectors watched for just under 8 minutes as the building became a giant catwalk, a polo pitch and an all-round multi-storey cinema screen, thankfully for 4D you don't need the cardboard glasses which are never a good look really are they? The 4th dimension was represented by a gigantic exploding fragrance bottle which was also thrown in the mix of horses and models. This never-been-done-before 'digital projection mapping', involved a team of 150 and a painstaking process of green-screen filming and intricate alignment to get the film matched perfectly to the building. Ralph Lauren also did a similar 'digital extravaganza' in New York a few hours later.

The London store was architecturally mapped for the foundation and contours of the building. Ralph Lauren used light to make the buildings look as if they are being rotated and squeezed section by section. As well as not needing the cardboard glasses to watch 4D it also has additional sensory effects unlike other dimensional technology which include sound (music), touch (breezes) and smell (wafts of the brand’s fragrance collection) which was all in time beautifully to the music.

In my own personal opinion I think how the video and images I've seen did look utterly amazing, that it was still an extremely pricey and rather big digital media spend even for a company like Ralph Lauren. And considering they are primarily an American based brand ( we all know that Rachel in friends worked for him!) that this was a pretty risky but a smart thing to do. Professional reviews of this '4D experience' have mentioned that it was all done for the intention of building mainstream awareness for the company and its brands within its main lines. It was impressive which should engage audiences, and on the grounds that it has already snagged the media’s attention, Ralph Lauren presidents are hoping the event’s novelty factor will make it “go viral.” Which will intern make it known to the worlds population.

So what do all you bloggers and readers out there truly think about the '4D Phenomenon'?
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