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These photographs were taken in the "women at war" section in the Imperial war museum in Manchester. I have to say a big thank you to the old fella who works there; he saw me drawing the uniforms and tapped me on the shoulder to tell me I could take pictures in the section. He then came back when I’d finished to ask me what I was doing it for and when I said fashion he seemed surprised then told me to go downstairs and tell one of the learning staff there what I was doing and that they would give me some of pieces on the women at war, unfortunately I couldn’t find these people so my dad’s offered to take me again, so anyway thank you sir!

The reason I ventured out to the museum is because I have chosen the women’s land army as my theme for my final major project. I am concentrating on the women of the war and especially the Land Army of the Second World War because my granddad was in the army at this time my late grandma was a nurse during this time (how she met my granddad, he was sent to her hospital after being poisoned by water) and maybe the most important for my collection my granny who was in the women’s land army and this is where my inspiration came from.

But unfortunately the imperial war museum does not have a large amount on display about the land army but it has a collection of uniforms lining the side of the wall as you can see in my pictures. I have a number of other images from my trip to the museum which I will use in another post where I shall try and talk more in depth about what I would like to take from each uniform such as the structure or form of the pieces. I found a large amount of information at the museum which was really interesting and I am planning another visit so I can really take it all in. In the next few weeks i will be posting about the land army and the film I watched (which I loved!) and the television series I’m also re-watching parts of to refresh my memory.

Have any of you been on your trips this Christmas?

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  1. What a kindly old man! It is very nice to choose a part of your ancestral history as a project. You get to learn about them so much and perhaps even knew your grandparents like you never had! I'm impressed with that time and age where everyone coiffed their hair perfectly and never had a hair out of place no matter how hard they work or how busy they were.

  2. That's an amazing idea for your project! WW2 women's fashion always fascinated me; staining their legs with tea and drawing on stocking lines... so interesting! <3 x


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